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JACKSONVILLE -- April 2, 2002 -- Please do your part to remind the governor and state senators that it is unacceptable to find money to fund K-12 and two-year raises without finding revenue to fund university compensation as well. It is poor public policy to treat one segment of education differently from another.

Earlier this year, the governor committed in writing to the university presidents that he would provide higher education one-third of the growth funds in the Education Trust Fund Budget. The budget that passed out of the Alabama House of Representatives did not contain one-third for higher education. Now is the time for the governor to make good on his promise. Likewise, now is the time for Senators to take a stand.

We request that you contact the governor and state senators about the unfairness of further neglect of higher education faculties and staffs. The Senate contact information can be found at http://www.legislature.state.al.us/senate/senators/senateroster_alpha.html, and the governor can be reached at 334-242-7100 or by fax at 334-242-0937. To send the governor an email, go to http://www.governor.state.al.us/office/email/email.html .

Dr. Jack Hawkins, chairman of the council of presidents and chancellor of Troy State University, spoke to the Senate Finance and Taxation Committee recently to once again urge them to treat all of Alabama's public educators fairly. Educators should not be segmented.

The higher education community has an opportunity to reinforce that message with your help. The Finance and Taxation Committee met on Tuesday. Each Alabama senator, especially those on that committee, needs to hear from you on this matter.

The Finance & Taxation Committee members are:

Hank Sanders, chairperson
Hinton Mitchem, deputy chairperson
Phil Poole, vice chairperson
Tom Butler
Bobby Denton
Ted Little
Rodger Smitherman
Tommy Ed Roberts
Jack Bittle
Gerald Dial
Jeff Enfinger
Steve French
Jimmy Holley
Del Marsh
Charles Steele
Larry Dixon


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