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"The Good News about Sept. 11"--
Hear It on April 4

JACKSONVILLE -- March 20, 2002 -- The Jacksonville State University Institute for Emergency Preparedness, in conjunction with the Sociology, Psychology, Social Work and Criminal Justice Clubs of JSU, invite the public to a presentation titled "Compassion in Time of Crisis: The Good News About September 11," which will be held at 3 p.m., Thursday, April 4 in Room 23, Ayers Hall.

Professor Joe Scanlon, director of the emergency communications unit at Canada's Carleton University, will tell the story of 6,600 passengers on 38 diverted flights not allowed to enter the U.S. on September 11. Hear how communities and agencies came together to take care of these displaced passengers who were in need of food, shelter, medication, communication while alone, in many cases, on the worst of days.

And the audience will hear the "good news" about mass emergencies and disasters -- that people can and do take care of each other and have faith in our fellow human beings again.

Professor Scanlon has taught for 20 years at the Canadian Emergency Preparedness College and the Canadian Police College. His consulting includes the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre, Correctional Services Canada, Emergency Preparedness Canada, Environment Canada, Solicitor General Canada, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Federal Environmental Assessment Agency on topics such as hostage rescue, crisis communications, emergency planning, warnings and hazard-specific disaster events. He is the past president of the International Research Committee on Disasters, which is housed at Jacksonville State University.

For more information, contact Dr. Brenda Phillips at JSU at 782-8053.


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