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Faculty Mentor Positions Available
from Title III Grant

JACKSONVILLE -- March 5, 2002--Jacksonville State University continues to seek applications from full-time faculty to assist in the advisement program for first-time students. Compensation for 2002 participation will total up to $3250 per mentor.

“These highly sought positions have carried much prestige over the years at JSU and this program has proven valuable for experienced as well as new faculty members” says Dr. Rebecca Turner, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs and a former faculty mentor for six (6) years.

Dr. Alice Cusimano, Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, also encourages all experienced and new faculty to consider applying for this program. Dr. Cusimano says “faculty mentor positions along with student peer counselor positions are critical to ensure a successful Summer Orientation program as well as freshman experience for all our incoming freshman.”

Terry Casey, Director of Student Activities and Coordinator of Summer Orientations, explained that “during each one and one-half day summer orientation session, ten students per group are paired with a faculty mentor and a peer counselor. Faculty mentors will inform them of the many academic choices available and advise students into the fall schedule.” Mr. Casey also stated that “the peer counselors are chosen from among the strongest student scholars and their role is to provide leadership and serve as role models to incoming students.“

Faculty mentors will receive extensive training prior to the beginning of summer orientations in July. Dave Merriss, Coordinator of Academic Advisement and a former faculty mentor, will coordinate faculty mentor training classes. During May semester, mentors will revise the current one-hour extended orientation course, LS 100, and then instruct it in the fall semester. Mr. Merriss says that “after summer orientations are over, faculty mentors will be expected to meet with their assigned students regularly for academic advising, management of college transition issues and other college/real world concerns.”

Dr. Turner and Dr. Cusimano agree that many of our most outstanding faculty have participated in the faculty mentor program. Former and current faculty mentors including Dr. Michael Marker, Management and Marketing Department; Dr. Maureen Newton, Social Work Program; Dr. Jan Wilson, Educational Resources Department; and Ms. Gena Christopher, English Department, suggest that “the faculty mentor experience is a great way to have an opportunity to meet and interact with faculty members across campus, student leaders and incoming freshman.” Each former or current faculty mentor encourages the faculty to get involved in this important program.

All faculty are welcome to apply for faculty mentor positions. The deadline has been extended until March 11, 2002.

For more information or to download an application, visit website jsu.edu/depart/avpasa/Acadadv or call 782-5004 or 782-5278.


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