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JSU To Host Constitutional Rally
for High School Seniors

JACKSONVILLE -- February 25, 2002 -- More than a thousand high school seniors from across Calhoun County will gather at Pete Mathews Coliseum at Jacksonville State University on Thursday, Feb. 28 for a Constitutional Rally. The theme is "Constitutional Reform: What's In It For Me?"

Students will hear former Gov. Albert Brewer deliver a keynote address and will then attend breakout sessions on various aspects of constitutional reform.

Jacksonville State University President Bill Meehan and several staff members recently put their heads together and came up with a catchy tee shirt for participants, who will be given an opportunity to register to vote during the conference. The shirt communicates some of the more memorable reasons for Constitutional reform in Alabama.

In David Letterman style, the back of the shirt gives the top ten reasons for Constitutional Reform:

  • 10. Eliminate voting on burying dead mules.

  • 9. Spray for mosquitoes without any legal help.

  • 8. Let Chambers County make their own junkyard regulations.

  • 7. Let Fayette County decide on their own beaver tail bounty.

  • 6. County Commissioners can be as powerful as Student Government representatives.

  • 5. So we can have a Constitution shorter than the Bible.

  • 4. Eliminate portable classrooms.

  • 3. Eliminate unregulated growth.

  • 2. Overall tax reform.

  • 1. Fund your education at Jacksonville State University.

Students will arrive by bus and the rally gets under way at 10 a.m.

The program will be as follows:

10:00 -10:30: Opening Program

Moderators for the day: Jason Bozeman and Patti Tiller

Welcome: Dr. William Meehan, President, JSU Miranda Killingsworth, President of the JSU Student Government Association

Keynote Speaker: Honorable Albert Brewer, Cumberland school of Law

10:45 - 11:15: First Sessions

Half of the students stay in the Coliseum. Remainder will attend one of the other sessions.

Alabama's "Horse and Buggy" Constitution

Speakers: Dr. Jim Allen, JSU Ms. Sarah McDonald, League of Women Voters

Other activities after this discussion include booths with information about how to get involved, how to register to vote, etc.

Education and Constitutional Reform

Panel: Dr. Rick Davis, JSU
Mr. Glenn Toney, Saks High School
Josh Copeland, JSU Student

Education and Constitutional Reform

Panel: Dr. Lori Owens, JSU
Mr. Jason Cox, White Plains High School
Robert Hayes, JSU Student

Economic Development and Constitutional Reform

Panel: Dr. Hope Davis, JSU
Ms. Veronica Hill, Pleasant Valley High School
Joy Boyd, JSU Student

Economic Development and Constitutional Reform

Panel: Dr. Jerry Smith, JSU
Mr. Brandon Turner, Ohatchee High School
Leigha Cauthen, JSU Student

11:30 - 12:00: Second Session

Students in the Coliseum for first sessions will go to breakout rooms. Other students will go to the Coliseum

12:00 - 1:00: Closing Session and Lunch

Speaker Honorable Jim Bennett
Secretary of the State of Alabama


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