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Higher Education Day Rally
in Montgomery on February 21

JACKSONVILLE -- February 13, 2002 -- On February 21, 2002, the Higher Education Partnership will host its annual rally in Montgomery. This event, known as Higher Education Day, will bring over 1,500 university students, faculty and staff to Montgomery. Alumni and business friends of Alabama's public universities will also be in attendance. The event is open to the public and all university supporters are encouraged to attend.

Because 2002 is an election year, this is an important time to remind elected officials of the role of higher education in the future of Alabama. With recent reports showing the economy is still struggling and competition for available jobs is becoming more intense, the need for a good K - Ph.D. education is extremely important.

Providing the opportunity and the funding needed for more Alabamians to achieve the highest quality bachelor's and/or graduate degrees must be a goal for the state's leaders. Higher Education Day takes on additional importance during election years because now is the time to encourage leaders to take courageous positions on issues like long-term funding solutions. Now is the time to find out where political aspirants stand on key issues like tax reform, faculty compensation and tuition fairness. Higher Education Day provides the opportunity for these questions to be asked.

According to Gordon Stone, Executive Director of the Higher Education Partnership, "Higher Education Day provides an opportunity for Alabama's university supporters to illustrate the depth of their commitment to changing the way education is funded. The events of February 21, 2002 will serve to 'kick off' a significant period in the history of Alabama education.

The Higher Education Partnership and university friends from across Alabama will be calling on our elected officials to display courage by returning the higher education portion of the growth money in the Education Trust Fund budget to one-third. We will rally for tax reform as well as constitutional reform. It is going to be exciting to witness the energy of Alabama's university community as we take on the significant challenge of solving education problems."

The day's schedule includes:

  • Rally at 11:00 a.m. on the front steps of the Alabama State House
  • Lunch on Capitol Grounds at 12:15
  • Business Council of Alabama and Higher Education Partnership Job Fair at 1:00 p.m. at the Montgomery Civic Center.


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