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JSU Hosts 2002 Science Olympiad
on February 23

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- February 6, 2002 -- Where can high school students flex their brainpower? At JSU's 2002 Science Olympiad.

On February 23, 180 high school students from 15 different high schools will travel to JSU to compete in all areas of science. Each high school has selected a team of students whose interests and expertise lie in subjects such as, chemistry, physics, earth science, astronomy and biology. Each team consists of 10 to 15 students.

During the competition, there are 28 separate events in which students can compete. Each team picks two or three students who are most knowledgeable in the specific event.

These students compete to receive the highest score in their individual events, but they also try to receive the most points for the rest of the team.

"Students take this competition seriously," says Dr. David Steffy, assistant professor of environmental science and this year's director of Science Olympiad. "There is plenty of heated competition."

Awards are presented to the winners of the individual events. Separate awards are given for the team whose combined score of all events is the highest. And these winners advance to the state tournament held at Auburn University.

"This is a great recruitment tool for JSU," says Steffy. "The students are allowed to interact with JSU's professors and see the state-of-the art equipment JSU's McGee Science Center has to offer."

At the same time, Steffy says, the Olympiad supports students in science. "It encourages them and gives them self-confidence. They also get a taste of college life and a little bit of the 'real world.' Because in college they are competing for a grade."


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