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New Electronic Message Board
on Campus

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- May 10, 2001 -- There's a new light in Jacksonville State University's life. Actually there's quite a few.

JSU recently installed a new electronic message board in front of the Theron Montgomery Building (TMB). This new sign, made up of hundreds of small, computer-activated lights, will be used to display announcements from JSU and its student organizations.

"We hope this will be a new way to get the Jacksonville community involved in what's going on at JSU," says Terry Casey, director of student activities at JSU. "With its location and the amount of people who travel Highway 21, it's bound to get the word out."

People would rather see something technological than a flyer posted on a pole, says Casey. And this sign does that and more. It includes programs, such as sprouting flowers, sunrise, a boxing video, displays the time and much more.

Casey and his staff have also created some of their own graphics, which include a sunset and a welcome sign for the Southerners' Honor Band.

Any JSU student organization can place an announcement on the sign. All they need to do is fill out an application form from the Student Activities office in 402 TMB.

Funding from the sign came from the JSU Foundation, JSU's fundraising entity. All these funds were provided by Coca Cola and ABC 33/40. None of the money used was from prorated state funds.


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