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Decision of Alabama Senate
To Pass Bond Issue
Disappointing to Alabama Universities

MONTGOMERY -- May 10, 2001 -- The decision in the Alabama House of Representatives to carry over the "Lawsuit Loser's" Bond Issue was a resounding victory for the state's public universities. The hard work of university presidents, university lobbyists, and members of the Higher Education Partnership was evident as the House supporters of the bond issue failed to get enough votes to stop debate.

The decision of the Alabama Senate to pass their version of the bond issue was disappointing. Now, the Senate version of the bond is in the House Committee for discussion. If this passes, it will be a "sad day" for the citizens of Alabama. The "Lawsuit Loser's" bond issue is designed to provide money for capital improvements. It is being falsely portrayed as a solution for the proration crisis. This bond does not resolve the budget shortfall that caused proration. Frankly, it adds debt, creates a false impression about the proration problem and confuses the court case. It is bad fiscal policy and still calls for unequal treatment. It still treats university students and employees as second-class citizens.

The "Lawsuit Loser's" bond issue is a political ploy designed to provide cover for the Siegelman Administration and the Alabama Education Association. It solves none of today's problems and creates huge debt for future generations to pay. Supporters of public universities should continue to "Take a Stand" by calling representatives in the House. Ask the House members to stand tall and vote no on the "BIR," no to closing debates, and no on the bill. Please make your calls to 334/242-7600.

The Partnership expresses gratitude to Lt. Governor Windom; Senators Armistead, Biddle, Callahan, Dixon, French, Lee, Lipscomb, Marsh, Means, Mitchem, Myers, Smith, and Waggoner.


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