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Students Selected To Head
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Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

Jacksonville -- April 9, 2001 -- The JSU Communication Board has named three students to head student media this fall: Benjamin Cunningham as editor of The Chanticleer; Jordan Brewer as program director of WLJS radio; and Bree Davis as editor of the Mimosa.

"There were a lot of great applicants," says Mike Stedham, director of student media at JSU. "It was a difficult task in choosing these students."

Cunningham is a past editor of The Chanticleer who took time off from school to serve in the Air Force.

"I tend to approach life a little more systematically now than I did before I joined the service," says Cunningham. "I find it easier to set clear goals and priorities and work toward them."

Cunningham hopes to increase the size of the volunteer staff to keep up with all that's going on at JSU.

"Benjamin can put together a good staff," says Stedham. "I'm really looking forward to working with him."

He also hopes to update The Chanticleer's technology.

"The media as an industry relies heavily on information technology, and it's important that The Chanticleer's resources be comparable to what the rest of the industry is using," says Cunningham. "Given the challenging financial situation in the state right now, that's going to be difficult, but I'm confident we'll find a way."

Cunningham misses being at JSU. He has been stationed in Florida for the past four years, but has often trekked to Jacksonville to visit friends, attend football and basketball games, and concerts.

"So many people inside the JSU community don't appreciate what a wonderful place it is," comments Cunningham. "It seems most students don't realize this until they've left for good."

WLJS will now be directed by Jordan Brewer. "Jordan is a very bright, hardworking radio personality," comments Stedham. "He's done a tremendous job as assistant program director."

Brewer is also looking to improve WLJS. "We'll soon have a new board to work with," says Brewer. "It will take some getting used to, but our studio will now be more professional and state of the art."

He hopes to promote JSU and its radio station more by working with the other student media and the Student Government Association (SGA). Brewer would like WLJS to help SGA promote its concerts and help in seeking talent.

Bree Davis will edit the Mimosa. She serves this year as assistant editor.

"This year, we will incorporate volunteers who will get credit for working on the Mimosa," says Davis. "Later, these students can apply for paid positions."

As part of her duties, Davis will organize a staff and ensure that all deadlines are met. "Bree has done an outstanding job as assistant editor," comments Stedham. "She's a first-class promoter of the Mimosa."

While Brewer and Davis will begin their new jobs in May, Cunningham will begin editing The Chanticleer in the fall.


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