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JSU's SIFE Students Work with County's Middle School Students

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

Some of Jacksonville State University's leading business majors are giving back to the community.

Through Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE) at JSU, middle-school students across Calhoun County are getting a feel for the real business world.

SIFE is a class for college business students. This class "gives students the tools to learn the free enterprise system in a real working situation." Students also participate in a regional competition during which students present PowerPoint presentations and a written report that explains the work they have done within their groups.

"These students are exposing themselves to real-life business decisions, while they are still in the classroom," comments Dr. Cynthia McCarty, assistant professor of economics at JSU and sponsor of the SIFE team.

Dr. McCarty challenges her SIFE students to take what they are learning in the classroom to better their community. These students are doing that with the help of Alabama Cooperative System's Biz World program.

Biz World is a program developed to give middle-school students a hands-on look at the business world. JSU's students go into the schools and divide the students into companies. Each company is responsible for one aspect of producing a product. In the case of Biz World, students make bracelets that they later sell to fellow students.

At the beginning of each session, students are given stock updates, information about how banks work, manufacturing process, the science of manufacturing, pricing, and a wealth of knowledge about other aspects of business. Students also see the "not so appealing" parts of business, such as paying rent for buildings and interest on borrowed money.

"The students are really excited about the program," comments Jennifer Smith, sixth grade teacher at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Anniston. "It's a very positive experience for the kids to interact with JSU's students. And they work really well with the kids."

JSU students involved in SIFE and Biz World are:

Kylie Beville, junior, Sharpsburg, GA; Kelly Boozer, senior, Anniston; Lee Bruister, senior, Albertville; Melissa Comer, senior, Gadsden; Randy Comer, senior, Gadsden; Jason Davidson, senior, Bryant; Trena Moore, senior, Cedar Bluff; Jonathan Mosley, senior, Anniston; Tara Phillips, senior, Collinsville; Heracio Pickett, senior, Leeds; Dustin Wilkins, senior, Jacksonville.


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