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Dr. Carmine DiBiase To Lecture
on Elizabethan Author Robert Greene

Dr. Carmine DiBiase, Associate Professor of English, will lecture Monday, April 16 on the topic "Editing Robert Greene."

The lecture will be about the beginnings of English fiction and Robert Greene's place in its history.

The lecture will be held on the 11th floor of Houston Cole Library beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Robert Greene was a 16th Century English writer and a contemporary of Shakespeare. Greene's books were read by Shakespeare. Greene's book Pandosto forms the base of Shakespeare's play "The Winter's Tale."

Dr. DiBiase will be discussing his edited version of Greene's book The Card of Fancy. He said his goal was to write a critical introduction and do a conservative modernizing of the language. This book is the 13th in a series of Elizabethan fiction published by Dovehouse Press, Canada.

Dr. DiBiase's edited version of the book will be on sale for $16 at the lecture.

Admission is free and everyone is invited. Refreshments will be served.


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