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CJ Dept. To Present Seminar
on Body Language

The Department of Criminal Justice is offering a one-day seminar, "Body Language," Saturday, April 7, 2001, 8:30 a.m., Room 141, Brewer Hall.

The seminar is designed to acquaint both professional and non-professional persons with the various physical and vocal signals that are manifested when an individual is being deceptive.

Various studies have shown that effective communication is mostly by way of body movements, gestures and voice modulation. Persons being deceptive invariably send out different signals. Studies have also shown that body language is usually more accurate in determining lies than the polygraph, i.e. the "Lie Detector."

The cost of the seminar is $40. JSU students successfully completing this seminar will be awarded one semester hour of upper-level CJ credit. For further information, call (256) 782-5335 or 5733.


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