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Transcript of Dr. Bill Meehan's Latest Radio Spot

The following transcript of Dr. Bill Meehan's latest radio spot on the state budget crisis is provided for your information.

There's a fairly painless way to solve the shortfall in this year's education budget. Each year, Alabama loses at least $1.6 billion in revenue because special interest groups have been successful in exempting certain products from sales tax. For example, Alabama loses $123.6 million each year due to exemptions on gasoline, motor fuel and lubricating oil. These exemptions exist only because lobbyists in those industries have been successful in protecting those from fair tax. The state needs $240 million to make up the shortfall in the K-12 budget AND $266 million for higher education -- about $500 million. This can be easily recouped by temporarilhy lifting a few of these exemptions. Tell your state representatives and senators you support lifting tax ememptions in favor of ending the budget crisis in education. It's the right thing to do.


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