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JACKSONVILLE -- March 14, 2001 -- The budget battle is not over. Please keep up the pressure. Continue to ask your representatives and senators to support higher education when they vote to approve the FY 2002 education budget in early April, shortly after Spring Break.

Higher education won legislative support to block massive proration cuts to higher education during the special session. That issue will be settled by the Alabama Supreme Court.

But now a propaganda war has begun while legislators consider next yearís education budget.

An article in The Birmingham News that singled out three universities that paid to fly trustees to board meetings and football games illustrates the tactics to be used in the attack on universities.

And the Legislative Fiscal Office has asked all universities to provide a list of salaries and reserves, which means a likely next move may be to use that list in the propaganda war. Get ready for a litany of so-called examples of ďfatĒ in higher education.

Donít get distracted or alarmed by these tactics. Remain focused on higher educationís position. Keep asking your legislators to be fair to higher education when they vote on the budget in April.

If you havenít already done so, you should quickly join both the Higher Education Partnership and the Higher Education Political Action Committee. The Political Action Committee will be particularly important as we enter the campaign period for next yearís gubernatorial election. Joining is easy: go to the online membership form at http://www.higheredpartners.org/form.html. For further information, contact the Partnership as follows:


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