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Annual Career Fair in Brewer Hall

JACKSONVILLE -- March 14, 2001 -- On Wednesday, April 4, the Department of Sociology and Social Work, the Department of Criminal Justice, and the Department of Psychology will sponsor their annual Career Fair. Any students from these departments, plus any other interested parties, are invited to participate. Everybody is welcome.

Many potential employers will be at the tables in the lobby and halls of Brewer Hall. Students may circulate freely and talk to any and all of the potential employers. Students may also obtain literature from whichever potential employers they wish. Those students about to graduate should dress appropriately and bring resumes.

Students not immediately seeking a job can obtain information. This will be the easiest way a student can obtain information about a great number of potential employers.

In addition to representing their own agencies/companies, these people are knowledgeable about their fields of employment. They have broader knowledge than their own particular agency/company.

Students may start circulating among the potential employers at 1:30. The event should end about 4:00.

On Thursday, April 5, the Georgia Merit System (the civil service system for Georgia) will give some of their civil service tests on campus. This agency will have been present the day before at the Career Fair in Brewer Hall.

Tests will be given for:

  • Probation Officer I/II
  • Parole Officer
  • Juvenile Probation/Parole Specialist II
  • Child Support Enforcement Agent
  • Assistant Financial Examiner (Must have at least one course in Accounting and a total of three courses in Accounting and/or Finance)
  • Environmental Health Specialist I (Must have at least 30 semester hours in laboratory sciences)

To be eligible to take one of these tests you must either already have the appropriate bachelor's degree or be graduating either in April or August. Also you must pre-register at the Career Placement Services Office (room 105 Bibb Graves).

You may obtain further information about the jobs and/or tests from the Career Placement Services Office (room 105 Bibb Graves). You must pre-register there prior to April 4. There is a procedure that will take some time; it would be wise to pre-register well before April 4.


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