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Only Time Changes in Summer 2001 Schedule

JACKSONVILLE -- March 2, 2001 -- Jacksonville State University’s President Dr. Bill Meehan is committed to offering a full range of courses as listed in the SUMMER SCHEDULE 2001. A complete listing of courses is available from the Registrar's Office. The current funding debate in the Alabama legislature will NOT alter JSU's ability to deliver instruction.

Summer terms have been compacted slightly to accommodate K-12 teachers' schedules in the summer. Please note that the break between May term and Summer I has been shortened. Summer I ends earlier and Summer II ends July 31. Summer Commencement has been rescheduled to August 3, 2001, not August 10 as printed in the catalog.

As students may notice here, this gives a longer break between terms in August.

May Term
May 1—Classes Begin
May 29—Final Exams

Summer I
June 4—Classes Begin
June 29—Final Exams

Summer II
July 3—Classes Begin
July 31—Final Exams

To repeat, Jacksonville State University will offer a full range of summer courses as printed in our Summer Schedule 2001. Early Bird Telephone/Internet registration for Summer begins March 7, 2001. Preregistration begins March 12 and continues through March 16, 2001.


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