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"Keep Up Your Efforts,"
Urges President Meehan

JACKSONVILLE -- March 1, 2001 -- JSU President Dr. Bill Meehan reported this morning that "For the first time, higher education is finally 'at the table' with the governor" to reach closure in the proration crisis.

"Because so many faculty, staff, students and other supporters have called their legislators in support of higher education, the effort is paying off -- please keep up the good work," Dr. Meehan said from Montgomery. You may look up your Senator and representative on the web at www.legislature.state.al.us/misc/zipsearch.html.

JSU and the state's other public, four-year universities are asking legislators to make equal cuts for higher education and K-12 rather than make higher education bear a larger share of the burden.

Dr. David Watts, Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs, said Thursday that he will give students permission to take an excused absence from class to attend a rally at the statehouse in support of higher education next Tuesday, March 6, providing the trip has a sponsor.

"Absences can be excused by going through the normal process, which means a sponsor would send me a request for the excused absence. Anyone who is interested in going should contact the SGA," said Dr. Watts. The SGA number is 782-5490.

The Calhoun County Chamber of Commerce will also have a bus going to the location of the higher education rally. The number to call is 237-3536.


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