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SGA Holds Annual Elections

JACKSONVILLE -- March 1, 2001 -- JSU's Student Government Association is holding elections for Executive Officers and Senate. The elections will be held March 6th and 7th on the 4th floor of the TMB. Voting hours will be from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

The following are the candidates for this year's election:

Stephen Brackett Stephanie Ann Janis
Cicely Hayes Brad Medaris
Donnell Humes Sherry Todd
Miranda Killingsworth
Brandon Lewis
Matt Wiram

Joy Anne Boyd
Leigh Marie Cauthen
Daniel Dewberry

Emily Dawn Doty
Mary Beth Edwards


Meredith Barnes
Darrell Battles
Austin Bender
Tiffany Bohlmann
Keith Bryant
Lauren Burnett
Marlana Chandler
Mark Choquette
Christa Collins
Terrence Copeland
Elizabeth Davis
Lisa DiMartino
April Dorsett
Phillip Dunnavant
Anthony Easterwood
Matt Fain
Jennifer Foster
Corey Gossett
Heather Harper
Robert Hayes
Mandy Holland
Stephen Holmes
Zach Kilgore
Amber Mange
Kimberly Merrill
Craig Mewbourne
Bryant Minton
Richard Owens
Adrienne Perry
Amy Phillips
Crystal Roden
Buddy Rodgers
Alexis Skelley
Megan Swader
Andrew Symonds
Jonathon Walden
Alyson Watford
Herbert Wilkerson
Andrew Williams
Emily Williams
Amy Yancy


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