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New Identities for Campus Entities

Jamie M. Eubanks
JSU News Bureau

JACKSONVILLE -- February 16, 2001 -- What’s in a name? Apparently everything. Some of Jacksonville State University’s departments are changing their names to be more descriptive of what they do.

Information Center

The Information Center will now be known as JSU Visitor Center. This name better reflects what this department does. The Visitor Center is responsible for providing newcomers to JSU with campus tours and information about the university.

“The name JSU Visitor Center more accurately portrays the department,” comments Martha Mitchell, Director of Admissions at JSU. “When visitors come to JSU, that is where they are directed. Now they will know where to go.”

Personnel Services

A few years ago, Human Resources began showing up on offices that dealt with employees and their concerns. JSU’s Personnel services; which handles all employee retirement, job listings, etc.; waited about changing to the name Human Resources.

“We wanted to wait until the name became more commonly used and familiar with the public,” says Gary Dempsey, Director of Human Resources.


Students majoring in Technology and Engineering were often separated by the two separate fields. Many students wanted to explore both avenues but were unable to. Now they are one—Technology and Engineering. The pre-Engineering was moved within the Technology field to better guide students when making career and graduate choices.

“Communication had become a problem,” comments Terry Marbut, instructor of technology. “It was most logical for the two to be together. This will also improve the process for the students. They will be able to understand both fields.”

Information Services

Information Services deals with media relations and publications. Through this office, press releases are written about department accomplishment and news happening on campus, the employee newsletter is produced, the News Wire is maintained and the alumni magazine Gem of the Hills is produced, as well as a variety of brochures for departments and recruiting.

“The name News Bureau and Publications better describes the scope and mission of our office,” says Al Harris, Director of News Bureau and Publications, “while being less confusing. We were often being confused with the Information Center.”


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