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Criminal Justice Dept. To Present Seminar on Occult & Satanic Juvenile Violence in America

JACKSONVILLE -- February 12, 2001 -- The Jacksonville State University Criminal Justice Department is holding a seminar entitled "Chasing Shadows: Confronting Occult & Satanic Juvenile Violence in America".

The seminar will be presented by Dr. Gordon A. Crews and will be held in Brewer Hall, Saturday, February 17. Registration begins at 8:00 am and the seminar will begin at 8:30am.

The seminar will offer an overview of the possible impacts alternative lifestyles, beliefs, and practices can have upon a juvenile's behavior. With the recent increase in the amount of school violence and alternative belief system related violence, this topic has reemerged as an issue worthy of study. The underlying philosophical approach of the seminar is based on the premise that the vast majority of this type of juvenile involvement has a much smaller connection to the increase in juvenile violence than is generally believed. This premise also includes the position that this type of behavior exhibited by some juveniles is in reality just another avenue by which misguided youth can direct their anger and frustration. This form of juvenile violence is discussed in order to understand it, and thus promote appropriate responses from adult leaders, educators, and parents. Primarily the seminar hopes to assist participants to better understand: the nature of this commonly understood behavior, the many variations in practice, this complex subject, and the complex behaviors of youth who practice these activities.

The seminar presenter, Dr. Crews, is presently an Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Criminal Justice at JSU. He serves on the Board of Directors for the Southern Criminal Justice Association and speaks nationally on issues surrounding school violence and juvenile delinquency. Prior to teaching, Dr. Crews worked in law enforcement as a bloodhound officer and trainer, field-training officer, and criminal investigator; in corrections as a training and accreditation manager, and in insurance fraud as an investigator. His publications include journal articles dealing with school violence, occult and satanic involvement in youth, and various law enforcement issues. His books include Faces of Violence in America (1996) published by Simon & Schuster; The Evolution of School Disturbance in America: Colonial Times to Modern Day (1997), published by Praeger; and A History of Correctional Violence: An Examination of Reported Cases of Riots and Disturbances (1998), published by the American Correctional Association. His most recent book is entitled Chasing Shadows: Confronting Juvenile Violence in America (Prentice Hall, 2001).

Cost for Seminar:

Lambda Alpha Epsilon $35
JSU Students $40
All Others $50

* 1 hour credit (CJ 488) granted *

To register, contact the Department of Criminal Justice at (256) 782-5335.

RSVP for groups requested.


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