Licensing Information

Jacksonville State University has established a licensing program to manage the use of the name, nicknames, abbreviations, logos, seals, mascots, slogans, anything confusingly similar to such, and other marks. Any marks used in reference to the university or anything confusingly similar to those of the university are subject to licensing requirements. Any products bearing the marks must be approved and must display the Collegiate Licensed Product label.

Enthusiastic support of Jacksonville State University has created a demand among its alumni, fans and supporters for quality products emblazoned with the official logos and marks of the university. Jacksonville State has established a trademark licensing program to help meet this demand while protecting the integrity of its trademarks. The JSU licensing program is designed to:

  • Ensure that the Jacksonville State name and trademarks are used appropriately, consistently, in good taste and with high-quality reproduction and to avoid misrepresentation of Jacksonville State University to the public.
  • Allow JSU to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of its identifying marks.
  • Establish a cooperative relationship with licensees to assist in the further development of a market of officially licensed products of Jacksonville State.
  • Promote a relationship by which both Jacksonville State and its licensees will benefit.
  • The Director of Marketing and Licensing is responsible for the JSU licensing program.
  • Jacksonville State has partnered with CLC to assist in the management of the licensing program. CLC is responsible for the daily administrative activities generated by a licensing program, such as processing license applications, coordinating artwork approvals, collection of royalty payments and enforcement of trademark infractions.

Requirements of the JSU licensing program

  • Manufacturers, producers, service providers, retailers and any other entity that plans to produce or sell products with the trademarks of the university must be properly licensed by the university before producing or selling emblematic merchandise, regardless of the intended use or method of distribution of the merchandise.
  • All JSU organizations, departments, individuals and affiliates wishing to use or distribute products incorporating protected JSU marks must purchase goods from a licensed vendor or become a licensee.
  • Companies must obtain a license and artwork approval from CLC prior to producing, distributing or selling any products that utilize the university's registered and common law trade names, trademarks and service marks regardless of use or method of distribution.
  • The license allows for the production of emblematic merchandise that will be sold by the licensee to retail establishments and/or merchandise requestors.
  • Sample products are reviewed by CLC for quality and safety standards prior to the submission to Jacksonville State for final approval.
  • Jacksonville State has established a standard royalty rate of 12 percent that is included in the wholesale prices charged by the licensees.
  • Jacksonville State and CLC reserve the right to adjust this program and the respective fees as market trends permit.

License Regulations

  • The names and marks of Jacksonville State University are to be used on products that are tasteful and of such a nature as to reflect positively on the image of the university
  • The names and marks of Jacksonville State University will not be used in the promotion of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, illegal drug products or products or services deemed to be of poor taste.
  • Jacksonville State marks may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies university endorsement of products, services, political parties or views of religious organizations or beliefs.
  • Logos are to be used as registered, including the appropriate trademark designation. Logos may not be altered without the authorization of Jacksonville State University and CLC.
  • Departments requesting authorization for use within official university publications, letterhead and business cards, etc. should direct their requests to the Marketing Services Office.
  • Departments may use the trademarks for in-house purposes such as stationery, business cards, letterhead, posters, signs, banners and other requests dealing with on-campus activities by following license use guidelines. Requests may be directed to the Marketing Services Office.
  • Departments do not have to pay a royalty fee on print products, such as letterhead, business cards, etc., whether produced on campus or a licensed vendor off campus.
  • Designs must be submitted for approval prior to production.
  • Jacksonville State University logos cannot be used to endorse or promote a private group or business unless authorized by a formal contract or sponsorship agreement. Private companies are allowed to use university logos only after entering into a promotion-specific agreement with Jacksonville State University.
  • Any use of university marks that does not comply with Jacksonville State University's licensing and approval requirements will be considered unauthorized and may violate federal and/or state laws.
  • Merchandise produced without written authorization may be considered counterfeit and subject to all available legal remedies, including confiscation of the goods.
  • Licenses are issued by CLC. Applications can be obtained at