JSU Printer Repair/Support Policy

The growth in the number and variety of printers on campus has forced Technology Support Center (TSC) to limit the number of devices that will be maintained, and the type of maintenance that will be performed on these devices. TSC will continue to support the installation of printer devices and their related drivers, but will not necessarily be available to repair or troubleshoot these devices.

The type of printers that we will continue to maintain are high-volume, workgroup devices that generally have a maintenance kit available for purchase. If properly maintained, these printers will usually last for several years. TSC will continue to install maintenance items on these printers, i.e. fusers, rollers, etc. We will continue to assist with minor problems on these models, but if extensive troubleshooting is required, you may be asked to call a repair center.

If repair work is requested on any unsupported model of printer, you will be asked to call a repair center for service. Repair centers and their contact information is listed below.

This policy does not prohibit a technician from assisting with a paper jam or minor problem on an unsupported printer. The policy is designed to prevent technicians from spending hours attempting to repair printers that many would consider 'disposable' such as DeskJets and lower end LaserJets. We regret that we must take this action, but the volume of work being done to maintain printers has grown to the degree that adequate resources are not available to provide support.