Repair/Support for Obsolete Computer Equipment

Due to rapidly changing technology, it is often problematic to provide the necessary parts to repair older JSU owned machines. Each year, the Technology Support Center evaluates the current technologies and establishes a level of obsolescence. Obsolete computers will no longer be provided with replacement parts and software, and other support is extremely limited. Currently the TSC considers any PC that outside of warranty to be obsolete. This policy does not guarantee repair for systems that are newer than those considered obsolete, since many parts suppliers consider even more recently manufactured systems obsolete.

We regret having to take these measures, but with the decreasing cost of computer hardware and the increase in the number of computers on campus, it is often much more cost-effective for the university to replace obsolete equipment rather than attempt to repair it.

If you have obsolete equipment that you need repaired and do not know of a repair center, please submit a Support Ticket and ask for assistance in locating a repair center.