Scholarship Guidelines

The 2023-2024 competitive scholarship application (JAXAPP) is available from September 1, 2022, to February 1, 2023. Specific guidelines and/or restrictions are viewable by clicking on the specific scholarship name.

Applying for Scholarships

After you have submitted your online application, please monitor your JSU Student email account for scholarship messages from our office. These messages will only be sent to your JSU Student email account. Your Student email logon information is listed in your JSU Admissions letter. All scholarship recipients will be notified by email which is sent to the students JSU Student email account. Selection of scholarship recipients at JSU is highly competitive. Students may apply for all scholarships, except the Freshman Merit, online.  

Students applying for the Leadership and JSU Honors must use the appropriate application in Scholarship Manager and follow the instructions. Supporting documentation (if required) should be uploaded with the completed application.

After criteria verification, Scholarship email offers will be sent immediately to the student JSU email account. The Scholarship Committee will convene in May to make selection of recipients of the general scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year. General scholarship notifications and awards will be made through the Student JSU email account during May.

Most scholarships are based on the applicant's academic or extracurricular record, while some are based on demonstrated financial need. Students must complete a scholarship application to be considered for those scholarships on the University Scholarship listing. Those requesting scholarships based on need should also submit a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The quickest way to apply is online at

You can check on the status of your scholarship application(s) by logging in to your MyJSU account, and clicking on the Scholarship Manager link.   If you are experiencing difficulty using the system, please contact our office at Always include your JSU Student ID number in your correspondence.

  • Students must be unconditionally admitted to Jacksonville State University before being considered eligible for a scholarship.
  • Students applying for band/music audition scholarships may be conditionally or unconditionally admitted.
  • All documents must be received by the scholarship deadline

Types of Scholarships

All tuition scholarship are at the in-state rate.  Each hour is computed at the traditional classroom tuition rate. Unused hours will not be carried forward to any other semesters. Generally, scholarships designated for tuition and fees can not be used for any other expenses.

University Housing is valued at the Double Occupancy Housing rate at the University Housing office. The current rate is $1,800 scholarships designated for housing fees can not be used for any other expenses. Scholarships offering housing and meal plans are a package which can not be separated.

Meal plans are valued at the on-campus resident program rate and are available at the University Dining Hall. Scholarships designated for meal plans can not be used for any other expenses. Scholarships offering housing and meal plans are a package that can not be separated.

Book scholarships are available at the University Book Store. Scholarships designated for books can not be used for any other expenses. Unused funds will not be carried forward to any other semester.


Questions concerning the awarding and disbursement of scholarships can be sent to or by telephone at (256) 782-5006. Our office is located in Room 107, Angle Hall.