The modern University serves the important role of guardian and interpreter of scholarly tradition just as its predecessors. The stewardship for this responsibility has traditionally been the purview of the University faculty. The competence, integrity, and level of devotion to professional ideals of its faculty are all critical success factors for fulfilling this role.

We, the faculty of Jacksonville State University, in order to effectively fulfill our stewardship to the University; to better fulfill the University's mission; to better serve the educational needs of the students; to establish and promote the morale and welfare of the faculty; and to comply with established guidelines, criteria, and regulations of existing regional and national accrediting agencies and learned societies do hereby acknowledge the need and desire to establish a governing body. In consequence of this need and desire, we do hereby request that the Board of Trustees do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Faculty Senate of Jacksonville State University.

Article 1

Section 1. The Faculty Senate shall be unicameral, and all governing powers herein stated shall be granted unto this body. This body shall consider all matters of an academic nature brought before it, duly deliberate and study said matters, and provide recommendations to the appropriate administrative authority, the  Provost/Vice President of Academic Affairs about these matters.

Section 2.

(1) The Faculty Senate shall consist of members elected from the faculty of Jacksonville State University by the academic departmental faculty and the library faculty. The faculty shall consist of those members specified in the Faculty Handbook. Each Senator shall have one vote. The Senate shall also include ex officio members from the University Council and the Student Government Association, who shall not vote.

(2) No person shall be a Senator who is not a member of the faculty of Jacksonville State University.

(3) Senators shall be apportioned among the academic departments and the library of Jacksonville State University according to their respective number of faculty. This number shall be determined by adding to full-time faculty one half of all temporary faculty for the department. The actual enumeration shall be made the first fall semester following adoption of this constitution by the faculty of Jacksonville State University and every three years thereafter. The number of Senators shall not exceed one for every 15 faculty, but each academic department and the library shall have at least one Senator.

(4) When vacancies occur in the representation of any department, the department head shall hold an election to fill such vacancies.

(5) The Faculty Senate shall elect their president and other officers, and shall have the sole power of impeachment.

Section 3.

(1) The time, place, and manner of holding elections for Senators shall be prescribed in each academic department and the library by the respective faculty members.

(2) The Faculty Senate shall assemble at least once in every month from September to April of every year, and such meeting shall be on the second Monday of each month unless the Senate shall by resolution appoint a different day.

Section 4.

(1) A majority of Senators shall constitute a quorum to do business; but a smaller number may adjourn, and may be authorized to compel the attendance of absent members, in such manner, and under such penalties as the Faculty Senate may provide.

(2) The Faculty Senate may determine the rules of its proceedings.

(3) The Faculty Senate shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and from time to time publish the same. Also, the Yeas and Nays of the members of the Faculty Senate on any question shall, at the desire of one fifth of those present, be entered on the journal.

Section 5. Every resolution that shall have passed the Faculty Senate shall be presented to the Provost/Vice President for Academic Affairs for consideration and appropriate action.

Section 6.

(1) The Faculty Senate may hear all academic matters pertaining to and affecting the morale and welfare of the faculty and students of Jacksonville State University;

(2) to present a resolution as to the opinion and consciousness of the faculty regarding any matter; and

(3) to establish standing and ad hoc committees to assist in discovering the opinion and consciousness of the faculty.

Article 2

The Faculty Senate, whenever two thirds of its members shall deem it necessary, shall propose amendments to this constitution. Also, the Faculty Senate, on the application of two thirds of the academic departments and the library of Jacksonville State University, shall call a convention for proposing amendments to this constitution. In either case, the proposed amendments shall be valid to all intents and purposes as part of this constitution when ratified by three fourths of the academic departments and the library, and approved by the Board of Trustees. No amendment shall be made that will deprive the faculty of any academic department or the library, without its consent, of its equal suffrage in the Faculty Senate.