Faculty Research Symposium

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Faculty Commons is pleased to announce the 2023 Faculty Research Symposium (FRS), set to take place on Thursday, November 2nd in Merrill Hall. The awards reception begins at 5 pm. This showcase of scholarly and creative research explores the intellectual pursuits that shape our campus community and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in diverse fields. All faculty are invited to attend and discover the passion, expertise, and commitment of the Jax State faculty. The FRS is the product of the hard work and dedication of the FRS Planning Committee. Please check this page frequently for updated event details.

This series supports the commitment of JSU’s Strategic Plan including the following strategic goal(s) and objectives:  

1. Engage (Commitment 2): Create symbiotic partnerships that impact the university learning environment, providing additional opportunities for the exchange of ideas, experiential learning, and community engagement, while allowing university members to give back to the community.

• Goals:
1. Benefit of Belonging: Improve the accessibility of a safe, equitable, diverse campus supportive of all campus and community members. 
• Objective 2: Create environments to encourage campus and community members to connect and learn from each other.
• Work with multiple departments across colleges to develop interdisciplinary opportunities that will enable faculty to learn about, from, and with different programs.  
2. Power of Place: Ensure a vibrant and successful campus and community that will be attractive to a diverse population.
• Objective 2: Celebrate the people, experiences, and environments that make JSU unique.
• Continue and expand, as needed, faculty recognition programs and symposium events

2. Discover (Commitment 3): In an age of rapid educational change and innovation, we will continue to advance our capacity for creating diverse, meaningful, and accessible learning opportunities that prepare all learners (faculty included). 

• Goals:
1. Experiences: Provide learning experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities. 
• Objective 1: Expand the use of High-Impact Learning in undergraduate and graduate programs
• Enhance existing and increase service learning
• Objective 2: Expand the utilization of technology to support students, faculty, and staff.
• Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty.
2. Environments: Create and provide new learning environments characterized by modern facilities, technological enhancements, active learning, and engaging instruction
• Objective 3: Provide learners access to active learning opportunities, engaging instruction, sustainable training, and professional development.
• Provide inclusive training and professional development opportunities to faculty across disciplines

  • To provide faculty with an outlet to share research and creative scholarly works with the JSU faculty community.
  • To provide a collaborative space for faculty to connect with colleagues across disciplines.
  • To celebrate the scholarly accomplishments and achievements of the faculty at JSU
  • To share innovative ideas with faculty members outside of one’s own discipline.

Important Dates

  • October 6, 2023 - Faculty Proposals Due
  • October 19, 2023 - Registration Deadline for attendance, keynote speaker luncheon, and awards reception
  • November 2, 2023 - Faculty Research Symposium