Faculty Research Symposium Committee Members

Mica Mecham
Mica Mecham
Event Organizer and Facilitator
Director of Faculty Commons
Brianna Turgeon
Dr. Brianna Turgeon
Committee Chair
Department of Sociology
Sean Chenoweth
Dr. Sean Chenoweth
Department of Chemistry and Geosciences
Chris Clark
Dr. Chris Clark
Department of Kinesiology
Gina Mabrey
Dr. Gina Mabrey
Department of Kinesiology
Jenna Ridlen
Dr. Jenna Ridlen
Department of Biology
Brandy Roberts
Brandy Roberts
Faculty Commons, Training and Events Coordinator
Falynn Turley
Dr. Falynn Turley
Department of Finance, Economics, and Accounting
Kim Westbrooks
Professor Kimberly Westbrooks
Library Services