Portfolio Prepared Open Workdays

P&T Prepared Open Workdays are designed to offer JSU faculty a collaborative place to work on promotion and tenure and 3rd year review portfolios.  To aid in portfolio preparation, Faculty Commons will open 208 Self Hall on select days as a quiet space. Faculty are invited to bring all P&T materials and work on any promotion and tenure related tasks. Faculty Commons will provide helpful tools such as electronic hole punchers and laminators and will be available to answer questions regarding Digital Measures and Evaluation Kit as a way of assisting faculty in their portfolio building process. Additionally, faculty will have access to a repository of approved P&T faculty portfolios, housed in Faculty Commons with permission from faculty, deans, and the provost.   

Support of JSU's Strategic Plan, including goals and objectives

This series supports the commitment of JSU's Strategic Plan including the following strategic goal(s) and objectives:

1. Engage (Commitment 2)

Create symbiotic partnerships that impact the university learning environment, providing additional opportunities for the exchange of ideas, experiential learning, and community engagement, while allowing university members to give back to the community.  


  1. Benefit of Belonging: Improve the accessibility of a safe, equitable, diverse campus supportive of all campus and community members.  
    • Objective 2: Create environments to encourage campus and community members to connect and learn from each other. 
Work with multiple departments across colleges to develop interdisciplinary opportunities that will enable faculty to learn about, from, and with different programs.  

2. Discover (Commitment 3):

In an age of rapid educational change and innovation, we will continue to advance our capacity for creating diverse, meaningful, and accessible learning opportunities that prepare all learners (faculty included).  


  1. Experiences: Provide learning experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities.  
    • Objective 2: Expand the utilization of technology to support students, faculty, and staff. 
    • Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty. 
  1. Environments: Create and provide new learning environments characterized by modern facilities, technological enhancements, active learning, and engaging instruction 
    • Objective 3: Provide learners access to active learning opportunities, engaging instruction, sustainable training, and professional development. 
    • Provide inclusive training and professional development opportunities to staff across disciplines 

  • To provide faculty with a collaborative space to connect with others from across campus and learn about and work on promotion and tenure portfolios.   
  • To provide faculty with an opportunity to view exemplary sample portfolios from various academic colleges. 

Schedule for Promotion and Tenure Process

Please visit the following webpage for complete information regarding the promotion and tenure process, including Distinguished Professor:  Schedule for Promotion and Tenure Process - Academic Affairs (jsu.edu) 

Promotion and Tenure Prepared Open Workdays

*Portfolios submitted to department heads by October 1. 

  • Friday, September 1st, 9:00-2:00, 208 Self Hall (*Official call for promotion and tenure)
  • Friday, September 8th, 9:00-2:00, 208 Self Hall
  • Friday, September 15th, 9:00-2:00, 208 Self Hall
  • Friday, September 22nd, 9:00-2:00, 208 Self Hall
  • Friday, September 29th, 9:00-2:00, 208 Self Hall



Upon registration for a workshop session, you will receive a calendar invite at your JSU Outlook email. Calendar invites are manually sent by Brandy Roberts. Please allow up to two hours to receive the invitation during regular business hours. After accepting the invitation, the event will appear on your Outlook Calendar. If you cannot see it, please contact Brandy Roberts at broberts@jsu.edu.