Past Events: Fall 2021

Join your colleagues this fall as we learn how to navigate the new college classroom that combines traditional face-to-face teaching with everything we have learned about teaching in a pandemic. This workshop series will explore the importance of remaining flexible, adaptable, and available in order to promote academic success.

Barbie Norvell

September 8, 2021: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Barbie Norvell

Associate Professor, Early Childhood Education

Title: Using Conscious Discipline to Rebuild Connections with Students after Covid

This presentation will focus on the brain state model outlined in Conscious Discipline to rebuild connection with students after Covid. The session will include reading student behavior as communication and strategies for how to connect with students who are returning to campus after the pandemic.


Jody Long

September 15th, 2021: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Jody Long

Assistant Professor, Social Work Program

Title: Student Resistance or Knowledge Challenge

Resistance takes many forms in the classroom. All a student has to do is simply nothing: Not prepare for class discussion, not speak during the entire class, not express any emotion or stare blankly as their instructor/professor during the class.  However, there are effective methods to engage students and combat resistance in the classroom.


Llew Cook

September 24th, 2021: 1:30-2:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Llewellyn Cook

Professor of History

Title: You should bring “Debate Days” to your classes. Prove me wrong.

Letting my students debate controversial topics in the classroom has been a great experience for everyone. “Pro” and “Con” teams organize, do a little research, then prepare for their debate. “Debate Day” allows motivated students to shine.



October 7th, 2021: 1:30-2:30, 208 Self Hall

Lance Ingwersen, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, History & Foreign Languages

Title: The Power of Social Annotation Software: and Student Engagement

Do you want to increase student engagement with course readings? Do you want to get students conversing outside of course meetings? Don't know what social annotation software is? This presentation is for you. It provides an introduction to, a social annotation software tool. It also offers concrete examples--from a pilot program in a hybrid History course in Spring 2021--of how the tool can deepen student engagement with course materials and with one another leading to richer classroom interactions regardless of discipline or mode of course delivery.


Eliezer yanson

October 14th, 2021: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Eliezer Yanson Jr.

Associate Professor of Music

Title: Building Trust and Positive Relationships in the Classroom

Anxiety, fear, and insecurity are some of the emotions students face when taking a class. This presentation offers ideas to help remove barriers and build rapport between teacher and student and among peers. The presenter will also share personal favorites of team building activities for the participants to enjoy.


Taleah Collum

October 21st, 2021: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Taleah Collum, PhD, CPA

Associate Professor of Accounting

Title: Adaptability of the 2021 Classroom

In this presentation, Taleah Collum will discuss ways in which she has made her classroom adaptable to unexpected changes the pandemic may present. Some of these ideas include making all projects, exams, and other assignments all based online even when in the physical classroom. She will also speak a little on how to she keeps students engaged in both online and traditional settings.



October 27th, 2021: 3:00-4:00, 208 Self Hall

Mark J. Sciuchetti Jr., PhD

Assistant Professor of Geography

Title: Creating a Free and Open Classroom for Everyone: Using OER to Adapt to in a Changing World

Creative Commons Training would be beneficial to Jacksonville State University, a regional University with a large population of underrepresented and lower income students. The use of OER is extremely important in Higher Education and can contribute not only to the financial and mental health of students, but also to the professional growth of the faculty and staff at the University. Come learn about OER and Creative Commons, tools that can make your classroom a flexible, adaptable, and available classroom for you and your students.


Aimee Weathers

November 4th, 2021: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Mrs. Aimee Weathers

Instructor Curriculum & Instruction

Early Childhood Block Practicum Coordinator

Title: That's my Jam! Using Google Jamboard to Enhance Student Engagement and Collaboration

This Faculty Commons session will focus on incorporating Google Jamboard into your classroom, both virtually and in-person. Google Jamboard can enhance classroom participation by allowing students to visually portray their thinking and learning. In addition, Jamboard helps instructors gain knowledge on what their students are comprehending in real-time. This tool is excellent for collaboration in all types of classroom settings including in-person, online, synchronous, and asynchronous.


In this new micro-workshop series, Faculty Commons will join forces with important services, programs, and departments on campus to highlight the wealth of resources that faculty have access to at Jacksonville State University that can directly and positively impact their teaching and professional experiences. Sessions will be limited to 30 minutes to accommodate busy schedules. Make plans to join us as we highlight the Student Success Center.

Debra James

Candi momon

October 4, 2021: 2:30-3:00, Houston Cole Library - Room 2b

Debra James: Director, Student Success Center

Candi Burton-Momon: Coordinator, Tutoring Services

The JSU Essentials Series: Tutoring and the Student Success Center

This presentation will provide faculty with general information and a behind the scenes view of Tutoring Services at JSU. They will discuss the types of tutoring services offered through the Student Success Center and will highlight how tutors are trained to be peer support professionals.


debra James

Alysia Pace

November 8, 2021: 2:30-3:00, Houston Cole Library - Room 2b

Debra James: Director, Student Success Center

Alysia Pace: Coordinator, Supplemental Instruction

The JSU Essentials Series: Supplemental Instruction and the Student Success Center

In this workshop session, Debra James and Alysia Pace will share a description of supplemental instruction, explain the research that describes the benefits of supplemental instruction, discuss the selection and training for supplemental instruction leaders and provide information on how faculty can utilize supplemental instruction to generate positive learning outcomes for students.