Faculty Development Opportunities

Spring 2022 Faculty Development - Discover, Engage, and Reach

Faculty Commons is excited to announce our Spring 2022 professional development agenda, which offers a variety of topics from varying disciplines and explores the commitments highlighted in the new Strategic Plan:Discover, Engage and Reach.

Our workshops will be categorized into the following series:  

  • DISCOVERing Strategies for Successful Student-Centered Teaching: In accordance with the University Strategic Plan, Faculty Commons is committed to supporting faculty as they DISCOVERENGAGE and REACH their fullest potential in the classroom. In the first of this multi-semester professional development series, FC (Faculty Commons) presenters will explore pedagogical concepts and strategic goals designed to help our students succeed. Topics will highlight “diverse, meaningful, and accessible learning opportunities for all students;” provide “experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities;” create technologically advanced “active learning” opportunities; and “promote and assess critical thinking” in the classroom. 
  • The JSU Essentials Series: In this micro-workshop series, Faculty Commons joins forces with important services, programs, and departments that positively impact the University's learning environment to highlight the wealth of beneficial resources that faculty have access to at Jacksonville State University. Strengthening the partnerships between JSU faculty and various divisions across campus will directly impact how engaged faculty feel in the campus community and will provide faculty with the support to reach our students, retain them, and ultimately, impact their long-term success.  We hope you will join us as we explore all the services and programs JSU has to offer.   
  • Special Research Presentation: This series is dedicated as needed to faculty presenting research conducted as part of sabbatical leave.  

Paul Hathaway

January 27, 2022: 2:30-3:30, TEAMS Meeting

Dr. Paul Hathaway

Associate Professor, Emergency Management & Public Administration; Faculty Senate President

Title: Give Them the Hard Stuff First and What's Happening in Faculty Senate

Join us as we kickoff Spring 2022 professional development with Dr Paul Hathaway, Associate Professor of Emergency Management & Public Administration and current Faculty Senate President. Dr. Hathaway will discuss the benefits of providing students with important/complex concepts early in the semester, allowing them more time to understand the “hard stuff” and to gain a better understanding of all other topics covered during the rest of the semester. He will also discuss the importance of Faculty Senate and will update workshop attendees on the Spring 2022 goals and plans for Faculty Senate.  


Katelyn Walker

February 2, 2022: 2:30-3:30, TEAMS Meeting

Mrs. Katelyn Walker

Instructor, Department of English

Title: Writing for the Disciplines to Promote Thinking

Teaching a Writing-Intensive course? This workshop is for you! Research has proven that students learn best when given problem-based assignments that promote critical thinking and active engagement. Specifically, student engagement correlates with student writing, demonstrating that deep learning occurs when students are given good written assignments. This workshop will define the parameters for a well-developed, formal written assignment and will explore practical ways that faculty may implement formal assignments situated in the specific rhetorical contexts of their discipline. 


Allegra Smith

February 9, 2022: 3:00-4:30, TEAMS Meeting

Dr. Allegra Smith

Assistant Professor of Professional Writing, Department of English

Title: Grade Smarter, Not Harder: Building Analytic Rubrics for Writing Assignments from Learning Outcomes 

Assessing writing assignments like research papers and reports can be a huge time-suck for faculty and can also fail to provide meaningful feedback for students if the grading is not aligned with course and program learning objectives. In this workshop Dr. Smith, a published online writing instruction expert, will walk faculty through the process of identifying and building learning outcomes for a major writing project, before building detailed analytic rubrics from those outcomes. These rubrics cut down on the time spent grading, standardize assessment across the class, and create transparency for students to understand what they are being graded on and how they can improve. 


Jan caseKim Westbrooks Karlie Johnson 

February 17: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Jan Case, Department Head and Professor, MCIS

Ms. Kim Westbrooks, Assistant Professor and Librarian, Library Services

Ms. Karlie Johnson, Assistant Professor and Librarian, Library Services

Title: Breakout the Escape Game: A BreakoutEDU Kit Tutorial 

Did you know that Faculty Commons has escape room kits to create a game for your classes? These kits can be used to teach a lesson, used in place of a test, or even given as a final exam! Find out how to make use of ready-made games and create your own customized escape rooms during this presentation.  We will work together to create an escape room experience during this workshop as well. Be sure to join us to see if you can breakout!  


Lori Hill

February 23, 2022: 3:30-4:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Lori Owens

Professor, Political Science

Title: Opportunities for Faculty Engagement in Honors:  Teaching and Mentoring in the Honors Program 

This session will provide a brief highlight of the Honors Program and introduce faculty to the opportunity to teach 3-hour academic honors classes as well as 1-hour university honors participation classes.  An explanation of the faculty benefits of honors by contract will be provided as well as the need for faculty-led thematic presentations on-campus and at regional locations.  Short-term and long-term plans for faculty to lead study away (domestic) and study abroad will also be profiled. 


Erin RiderSarah Donley

Tina DeShotels

March 9, 2022: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Erin Rider, Department Head and Associate Professor of Sociology 

Dr. Sarah Donley, Assistant Professor, Sociology

Dr. Tina DeShotels, Professor, Sociology

Title: Cultural Consciousness

This presentation will explore how identity shapes our life chances, everyday choices, behaviors, belief systems, and interaction with others in American society. This information will help us create more inclusive classrooms, better connect to students, and be better teachers. 



March 16, 2022: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Jianping Coco Huang

Assistant Professor, Department of Marketing and Management

Title: Find Your Students an Acre of Happy Land: Using Live Clients to Enhance Student Engagement and Self-Actualization   

Not all students are good at taking tests, so a test result may not reflect students learning; just like plants, some do better in the shade where some prefer full sun. To solve the problem, you can easily bring local live clients to create a project in your class, get students' feet wet by giving them different tasks, practicing the learn-feel-do model!



March 17, 2022: 3:00-4:00, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Mark J. Sciuchetti, Jr.

Assistant Professor of Geography, Department of Chemistry and Geosciences, College of Science 

Title: Mastering Creative Commons and OER: How to Develop and Share Engaging Resources for the Hybrid Classroom 

This session will focus on creating and using open/free resources for our hybrid classes. In this session, we will discover ways to Creative Commons license your classroom material and how you can adopt Creative Commons licensed material from other instructors. We will also examine the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and find ways to utilize them in the hybrid classroom to engage with our students creatively. OERs will allow us to reach a greater number of students and increase inclusion in the classroom. 


David ThorntonTanya Sasser

March 30, 2022: 2:30-4:00, 208 Self Hall

Dr. David Thornton, Professor, MCIS

Ms. Tanya Sasser, Instructor, English

Title: Gamification in the Classroom: Mechanics and Free Apps

Interested in leveraging the motivational power of games in your course?  We'll discuss how to make your course more game-like, then showcase free apps that you can easily incorporate into Canvas. 


Kim WarfieldStacey Gill

April 7, 2022: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Kimberly Warfield, Associate Professor, Department of Counseling and Instructional Support

Dr. Stacey Gill, Assistant Professor, Department of Counseling and Instructional Support  

Title: It Starts with Me! Understanding Microaggressions 

This session is designed to explore, identify, and obtain an understanding of the impact of microaggressions as well as engage in activities and dialogue to help eliminate bias among faculty and students. 


Tracey MatthewsSean Creech

Allison NewtonAllison Newton

Fawadh Shah

April 13, 2022: 3:00-4:00, 208 Self Hall

Dr. Tracey Matthews, Dean of the College of Health Professions and Wellness

Dr. Sean Creech, Instructor, Social Work

Dr. Chris Clark, Assistant Professor, Kinesiology

Dr. Allison Newton, MPA Program Director and Assistant Professor, Public Administration

Dr. Fawad Shah, Assistant Professor, Communication

Title: Interprofessional Education: It's about We, not Me 

Interprofessional Education promotes teamwork and innovation across disciplines to transform the learning experiences across the University. Explores learning across professional disciplines so that they can take a collaborative, team-based approach to addressing the emerging issues of the 21st century and ensure graduates will be prepared to meet the challenges of leading— locally and globally—communities that can sustain well-being, ensure access to quality health care, and engagement with community stakeholder in diverse and inclusive communities. 


Lauren FindleyNoelle Stovall

February 3, 2022: 2:30-3:30, TEAMS MEETING

Ms. Lauren Findley, Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Ms. Noelle Stovall, Associate Director, Undergraduate Admissions & Recruitment

Title: Recruiting and Retaining Students with JSU Admissions

JSU is growing in enrollment and reputation. Each faculty member at JSU plays an important role in both recruiting and retaining students.  You are invited to join this micro-workshop to learn how the Undergraduate Recruitment team connects potential students to their future journeys at JSU. This session will cover JSU's approach to recruitment, the application/enrollment process, and how faculty can become better equipped to help recruit new students into their programs!  


Kim Westbrooks

TBA: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Ms. Kim Westbrooks

Assistant Professor and Librarian, Library Services

Title: Digital Literacy with Library Services 

Kim Westbrooks

TBA: 2:30-3:30, 208 Self Hall

Ms. Kim Westbrooks

Assistant Professor and Librarian, Library Services

Title: Topic TBA with Library Services