Round Table Discover Series

In accordance with the University Strategic Plan, Faculty Commons is committed to supporting faculty as they DISCOVER, ENGAGE and REACH their fullest potential in the classroom. Faculty Commons presenters will explore pedagogical concepts and strategic goals designed to help our students succeed. Topics will include highlighting “diverse, meaningful, and accessible learning opportunities for all students;” providing “experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge, skills, and opportunities;” creating technologically advanced “active learning” opportunities; and “promoting and assessing critical thinking” in the classroom.   


  • To explore strategies for effective teaching and student learning 

  • To create inclusive learning environments that foster academic safety and success  

  • To develop meaningful class assignments and effective methods for assessment and grading 

  • To explore various ways to create real-world learning experiences for students 

  • To develop teaching methods that support diverse learning styles 

Thursday, October 6                  


Dr. Gordon Harvey, Distinguished Professor, History and Foreign Languages  

Dr. Allegra Smith, Assistant Professor, English  

Title:  Balancing Faculty Work through Productivity Management Methods 

Blurb:  Struggling to balance your research with your teaching and service responsibilities? This roundtable will share productivity management methods to optimize faculty work flow, such as the Eisenhower Matrix, time blocking, agile and waterfall methods, and more. The presenters will give a sample of practical strategies for managing projects, before turning the time over to participants to map their own workflows and brainstorm hacks for improving their teaching/research/service balance. 

Modality: In-Person, 208 Self Hall 

Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. 

Wednesday, October 12                              


Mr. John Upchurch, Assistant Professor, Library Services  

Ms. Hanrong Wang, Professor, Library Services  

Title: Does OER Fit Your Classroom?

Blurb: In this Teams virtual “roundtable” discussion, Assistant Professor John Upchurch and Professor Hanrong Wang will discuss the concept, quantity, and quality of using OER texts in your class. Major OER searching strategies, resources, and hands-on practices will also be discussed.  Faculty are invited to share thoughts, experiences, questions, and insight on OER use in the classroom. 

Modality: TEAMS 

Time: 2:00-3:00  


After registering for one of the meetings, be on the lookout for a calendar invite in your JSU Gem account.