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Faculty Commons joins forces with important services, programs, and departments that positively impact the university learning environment to highlight the wealth of beneficial resources that faculty have access to at Jacksonville State University. Strengthening the partnerships between JSU faculty and various divisions across campus will directly impact how engaged faculty feel in the campus community and will provide them with the support to reach our students, retain them, and ultimately, impact their long-term success.  We hope you will join us as we explore the multitude of services and programs JSU has to offer.    

This series supports the commitments of JSU’s Strategic Plan including the following strategic goal(s) and objectives:  

  1. Commitment 2, Engage: As a university, we ensure the vibrancy of our campus, community, and region through the benefit of belonging, mutual relationships, and power of place. 

    • Goal 1, Benefit of Belonging: Improve the accessibility of a safe, equitable, diverse campus supportive of all campus and community members 

      • Objective 2: Create environments to encourage campus and community members to connect and learn from each other. 

    • Goal 2, Mutual Relationships: Strengthen partnerships to improve quality of life through collective impact. 

      • Objective 1: Increase reciprocal partnerships and level of campus and community engagement to achieve mutually beneficial initiatives.  


  1. Commitment 3, Discover: As educators, we do not provide the answers. We provide the experiences, environments, and expectations that allow learners to discover the answers. 

    • Goal 1, Experiences: Provide learning experiences that connect learners with real-world knowledge skills, and opportunities. 

      • Objective 2: Strategy/Action Item 1: Provide professional development and training opportunities for faculty. 


  • To learn about JSU centric programs and services that offer support to JSU faculty 

  • To strengthen academic collegiality and collaboration 

  • To engage faculty in various academic faculty and student related issues outside of their disciplines  

  • To enhance student support through faculty development and growth  

  • To educate faculty on best practices in supporting students with diverse needs  


January 19

Presenters: Mark Sciuchetti, Mica Mecham, and Brandy Roberts

Title: Faculty Awards Information Session

Description: Faculty Commons and the chair of the Faculty Senate Honors Committee have spent the past year revamping the university’s Faculty Awards procedures and policies and is inviting all faculty, adjunct and fulltime, to join us for a 30-minute informative virtual meeting to discuss the recent changes, which includes updates to the Faculty Awards website, revisions to the call for submissions and the nomination process, and details on the upcoming event.  

Delivery Mode:Online 

Location: TEAMS 

Time: 3:00-3:30 


January 25

PresentersErin Rider, Hungwei Tseng, and Mica Mecham 

Title: Digital Measures Training Session  

Description: Brush up on all things Digital Measures to be ready for Faculty Annual Reviews during this training event.  Make sure that you can access your Digital Measures account during this session so that you can ask our presenters specific questions, learn to run reports, and receive specific feedback if needed. This event will take place in 208 Self Hall, with an option to join via Teams for those who cannot attend in person.  

Delivery Mode:Combination of online and in-person  

Location: TEAMS and 208 Self Hall  

Time: 1:30-2:15 

Thursday, February 2 

PresentersTim King, Vice Provost for Student Success, and Mica Mecham, Director of Faculty Commons 

Title: Student Success Center Summit: Wit, Wisdom, and Wine Information Session  

Description: Faculty Commons and the Student Success Center (SSC) are joining together to provide faculty with a relaxed forum to learn more about student success best practices as they relate to improved student persistence, retention, and graduation rates. Join us via Teams for a brief and succinct info session to learn more about the upcoming event, which is set to take place on February 7th from 1:30-4:30 in Houston Cole Library, and to ask any questions you may have about it.  

Delivery Mode: Online 

Location: TEAMS 

Time: 2:30-3:00 


April 12

Presenters: Faculty Research Symposium Committee

Title: Faculty Research Symposium Information Meeting

Description: During the fall 2022 semester, Faculty Commons hosted the inaugural Faculty Research Symposium, which was met with great success. As a result, this event, which showcased the creative and scholarly research of over 60 JSU faculty members, will continue to take place each fall. Join us for this information session to learn about the upcoming 2023 Faculty Research Symposium, to hear from committee members who organized the event, as well as participating presenters and judges, and learn how you can submit your research for the fall 2023 symposium. 

Delivery Mode:Online 

Location: TEAMS 

Time: 2:30-3:30 


After registering for one of the meetings, be on the lookout for a calendar invite in your JSU Gem account.