Components for University Syllabi Fall 2022

Fall 2022 Course Syllabi Policies and Procedures  

Your syllabus should reflect your personality, teaching style, and individual course.  Format, wording, design, etc., are decided by the faculty member; however, certain information needs to be provided to students via the course syllabus. Also, the syllabus must be ADA compliant and should be responsive (so that the size changes based on the size of the device being used). You will find below some required and some recommended elements for every syllabus. The required policies are included so that they are easy to copy and paste. These required policies are also available from Online@JSU as part of a shared/downloadable Canvas component. 

 *Please note that certain policies and procedures may vary between colleges and/or departments.  To ensure that your syllabus is current and correct, please check with your college/department for official program specific policies.   


Fall 2022 Required Sections and Policies 

  • Course Prefix, Number, Section, Title, Credit Hours, Location, and Date/Time, Semester and Year 

  • Instructor Name, Contact Information, Office Hours, Office Location 

  • Course Description and Prerequisites— These must match the latest catalog. 

  • Course Objectives 

  • Student Learning Outcomes (derived from course objectives and should be assessed; all sections of a course should have the same SLOs) 

  • Grading Procedures (how grade will be calculated and description of assignments) 

  • Required Texts, Materials, Software, etc. 

  • College/Departmental Attendance Policy (Note information in COVID-related policies) 

  • All University Policies/Statements included below: 

Disability Resources 

Disabilities Resources: Any student with a documented disability needing academic adjustments or accommodations is requested to speak with Disability Resources, and the instructor, as early in the semester as possible. All discussions will remain confidential. Disability Resources is located on the second floor of the Houston Cole Library and can be contacted via email at or phone: (256) 782.8380. 

Military-Connected Student Statement 

The Office of Veteran Services serves all active duty, guard, reserve, veteran, and dependent students at JSU. If you have any questions about Veteran Services, please contact (265) 782-8838,, or the physical location in the basement of Daugette Hall. If you are a student currently serving in the military (Active Duty, Guard, or Reserves) with the potential of being called to military service or training during the course of the semester, you are encouraged to contact your course instructor no later than the first week of class to discuss the class attendance policy. The instructor may make accommodations for this absence or suggest that you take the course at another time. 

Title IX Statement 

JSU does not discriminate on the basis of sex in the educational programs or activities that it operates. JSU is required, by Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and Department of Education regulations to implement Title IX, not to discriminate in such a manner. This requirement to not discriminate in educational programs and activities extends to employment by the university and to admission thereto. Questions regarding Title IX and the implementing regulations should be referred to JSU’s Title IX Coordinator, to the Assistant Secretary of Education for Civil Rights, or to both. For more information about the Title IX grievance procedure, including how to report or file a complaint of sex discrimination, how to report or file a formal complaint of sexual harassment, and how JSU will respond to such complaints, please visit our Title IX website at (Links to an external site.) 

Tutoring and Academic Support 

Student Success Center: The Student Success Center on the 2nd floor of the Houston Cole Library is your one-stop shop for student support and services: 

Tutoring and Academic Support: The Student Success Center provides a range of academic support services which include tutoring, Supplemental Instruction (SI), academic workshops, success coaching, and mentoring. JSU offers FREE in-person tutoring and FREE online tutoring through to all students regardless of grade point average or classification. The concept behind tutoring services at JSU is to model high quality, effective, academic skills, provide content-specific supplemental instruction, and create a connection to the institution. Schedule an in-person tutoring appointment with Academic Support. To schedule an online tutoring appointment through, click the academic resources tab on the Canvas page of this course. 

English Writing Center:  For assistance with writing, The Writing Center is available in Stone Center and through online sessions. 

Academic Honesty Policy 

In a University community, true knowledge can be gained only through honest means. All academic dishonesty is expressly prohibited. This policy is applicable for campus and distance learning activities. Students who violate this Academic Honesty Policy will be subject to disciplinary actions which could range from a zero on an assignment to failure of the course; repeated offenses can result in dismissal from the university. Violations include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, the following: 

  1. The use of unauthorized materials or the receipt of unauthorized assistance during an examination or in the completion of any other assignment, exercise, experiment, or project for academic credit. Unauthorized materials may include, but are not limited to, notes, textbooks, previous examinations, exhibits, experiments, papers, or other supplementary items.  

  1. Copying or utilizing information from a paper of another student during an examination. 

  1. Rendering unauthorized assistance to another student by knowingly permitting him or her to copy an examination, project, paper, assignment, exhibit, exercise, or other material to be submitted for academic credit.  

  1. Illegally obtaining or attempting to obtain unauthorized prior knowledge of an examination or test materials.  

  1. Selling or giving to another student unauthorized copies of tests or examinations or research assignments.  

  1. The use of a commercially prepared term paper or research project or the submission of a paper, project, or experiment completed by someone other than the student submitting any of the above for academic credit.  

  1. Falsifying class attendance.  

  1. Falsifying reasons why a student did not attend a required class or take a scheduled examination.  

  1. Taking an examination in the place of another student.  

  1. Making an unauthorized change in any reported grade or on an official academic report form.  

  1. Unauthorized collaboration between two students on an examination, paper, or project.  

  1. Plagiarism, which is the deliberate act of copying, writing, or presenting as one's own the information, ideas, or phrasing of another person without proper acknowledgment of their true source.  

  1. Making use of computing facilities in an academically dishonest manner. 

Laptop Policy 

Jacksonville State University students will need a laptop that runs either Windows or Macintosh operating systems. Students are encouraged to bring laptops to classes and learning spaces on campus to access virtual labs and other computing resources available online. This laptop requirement ensures you will have adequate and timely access to the electronic resources necessary to be a successful JSU Gamecock. Chromebooks, tablets, and smart phones cannot access all the electronic educational material and resources used at JSU and are therefore not suitable devices. 


Fall 2022 Recommended Syllabi Sections  

  • Expectations for Students (and faculty) 

  • Course calendar 

  • Website/Canvas LMS Access and Use 

  • Late Work Policy 

  • Assignment Descriptions 

  • Dates for Scheduled Exams, Paper Deadlines, etc. 

  • Tips for Success 

  • Student Success Center Information 

  • Writing Center Information 

  • Disclaimer: Syllabus and schedule are subject to change with notification to students 


Fall 2022 Recommended Sections for Online/Hybrid Courses 


Fall 2022 Pandemic-Related Policies, Procedures, and Recommendations   

Jacksonville State University has returned to traditional operations for the 2022-2023 academic year, including in-person instruction, social activities and athletic events.  

  • COVID 19 and Masking Policies Masking will be optional in the classrooms this semester. Faculty with health concerns who need to require mandatory masking for all students should seek accommodations through HR and include the masking requirement in their syllabus. In situations where faculty are working within the personal space of students (e.g., art, drama, etc.), faculty may request students to wear masks. 

  •  COVID 19 Vaccines Vaccine Clinics will be scheduled, and information will be communicated soon via email. A monkeypox plan is also underway. JSU will continue with our usual flu vaccine clinics. 


Other Important Information 

Cocky Watch App  

Please download and become familiar with this app. I am also attaching the message to this email for quick reference.  


Attendance Verification  

The deadline for Attendance Verification this semester is August 30th at 11:59 pm. If students who attended are not verified correctly, their financial aid will NOT be disbursed. It is very important that this process be done accurately and timely.  The attendance verification platform will begin/open the first day of classes. 


Midterm Date 

Please note that our midterm date is somewhat earlier than last year.  For the fall semester, midterm grades are due by October 13 at 10 am. More information on midterms will be discussed in your college and departmental meetings. 


Faculty IDs 

JSU is converting to a new platform called TouchNet that will be used for numerous things. One use for your ID is for dining services; however, even if you do not eat on campus, you still need a new ID. The ID office has already printed many of the IDs, so you can check with them to see if yours is available to pick up. You can access your ID information the OneWebsite and check your meal balances and upload your photo for an ID card. Once you log in, click on "Financial" and select "CW Meal Balances" in the drop-down box. It will show your remaining meals under the Status title. If you want a new picture for your ID, you would have to ask for a reprint if it has already been printed.