Writing Center Staff


Headshot of Khadeidra Billingsley.

Dr. Khadeidra Billingsley

Writing Center Director
Assistant Professor

Dr. Khadeidra Billingsley's faculty bio.

Headshot of Christian Thomas.

Christian Thomas (he/him)

Front-desk Assistant

Christian is a political science undergraduate with a double minor in history and English. He is involved with several student organizations including student government. He enjoys creative writing and cinema.


Matthew Allcorn (he/him)

Matthew is a senior from Cleveland, Alabama. He is working on a history degree so he can become a teacher. In his free time, Matthew enjoys playing basketball, watching movies, and spending time with family.

Specialties: History, MLA Style, Nonfiction Writing.

Amy Carroll Bennett

Amy Carroll Bennett (she/her)

Amy is a graduate student pursuing a Master’s degree in Integrated Studies. She has published several works of poetry and a children’s book. She is the wife of Don Bennett of the English Department.

Specialties: MLA style, art/art history, linguistics, multimodal writing, poetry writing, fiction writing, journalism/AP style. Other languages: Italian.

Amanda Chimbina (she/her)

Amanda is a graduate student majoring in Criminal Justice. She is from a town called Surrey, located in the United Kingdom. Her favourite things to do include cooking, spending time with friends and travelling the world.

Specialties: APA Style, Personal Statements, Fiction Writing, Nonfiction Writing

Rachel Christopher

Rachel Christopher (she/her)

Rachel is a secondary English education student. She has been a consultant for one year.

Specialties: APA style, MLA style, literary analysis, gender/race studies, fiction writing, education (theory, methods, etc.).

Hope Colburn (they/she)

Hope is getting their Masters of English and is involved with many student organizations. She enjoys all things creative and loves learning new things. If there is something they don’t know, they won’t hesitate to find out what it is.

Specialties: APA style, MLA style, literary analysis, history, poetry writing, fiction writing, professional/technical writing.

Eva Cruz (she/her)

Eva is a graduate student majoring in counselor education with a concentration in clinical mental health counseling. She is passionate about writing and believes it's always better in the company of a good cup of tea. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, playing video games, or watching anime.

Specialties: APA Style, Literary Analysis, Poetry Writing, Fiction Writing, MLA Style, Nonfiction Writing

Patty Daigle

Patty Daigle (she/her)

Patty is a local resident of Jacksonville and lives with her husband and two dogs. She is the proud mother of two grown daughters and a granddaughter. It is her desire to help everyone she deals with be successful in their desired path in life.

Specialties: APA style, literary analysis, history, gender/race studies, political science, multimodal writing, poetry writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, personal statements, science writing, professional/technical writing, grant writing.

Dacey Dunaway (she/her)

Dacey Dunaway is an English graduate student with a bachelor's degree in English literature. She has two years of tutoring experience and a year of experience with writing consultations. She enjoys reading, thrifting, writing poetry, and hanging out with her friends.

Specialties: APA Style, Literary Analysis, Poetry Writing, Grant Writing, History, Fiction Writing, MLA Style, Multimodal Writing, Nonfiction Writing

Charles Harrell (he/him}

Charles is a junior pursuing a double major in English and French. He especially loves Romantic Poetry and American transcendentalist writers. In his spare time, he enjoys exploring new cities and trying new pastry recipes.

Specialties: APA Style, Literature Analysis, Gender/Race, Poetry, History, MLA Style, Art History, Cultural Studies

Bethany Hays (she/her)

Bethany is a graduate student pursuing a master's degree in English. She is an adjunct instructor of English at Pensacola State College where she teaches online developmental writing courses. She hopes to offer a helping hand to anyone who struggles with writing and help them achieve success.

Specialties: APA Style, Literary Analysis, Personal Statements, MLA Style, Multimodal Writing, Nonfiction Writing

Zach Hooten (he/him)

Zach is a graduate student pursuing his Master's in Applied Behavior Analysis. He wants to get his PhD in Clinical Psychology after graduation and work in a clinic with children and teens. Zach enjoys Alabama football and being with family.

Specialties: APA Style, Science Writing, MLA Style, Professional/Technical Writing

Todd Kirk

Todd Kirk (he/him)

Todd grew up local to Jacksonville and also experienced living abroad in China. He first tutored students' papers and did mentorship programs, then he taught private classrooms for a couple years. Most recently, he taught public school for one year. He currently tutors English Language Learners. He loves to play basketball and hopes to be a good coach. He enjoys learning Chinese so he can better communicate in his lessons. He has a wife and three young kids. His life is pretty jam-packed, but he finds a way to enjoy life with all its twists and turns. As a teacher he hopes to influence other people to be proud of who they are and find interests or passions in life.

Specialties: APA style, MLA style, ESL tutoring, literary analysis, philosophy, science writing, linguistics, gender/race studies, political science, multimodal writing, poetry writing, nonfiction writing, personal statements, journalism/AP style.

Andrew Koppelman

Andrew Koppelman (he/him)

Andrew is a Criminal Justice student originally from the University of Alabama. He specializes in the fields of Political Science, Computer and Cyber Crime, and Fiction Writing. He is currently writing his thesis on how misinformation and the media influence perception of crime.

Specialties: APA style, ESL tutoring, literary analysis, philosophy, political science, multimodal writing, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, science writing, professional/technical writing.

Waddie McGrew Ill (he/him)

Waddie McGrew, III is a graduate student at Jacksonville State University. He is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in English and is enjoying the journey to graduation.

Specialties: APA Style, Literary Analysis, Gender/Race Studies, History, Fiction Writing, Journalism/AP Style, MLA Style, Art/Art History, Multimodal Writing, Nonfiction Writing

Madelyn Morales (she/her)

Madelyn Morales is gaining her BMA in English. Madelyn is an avid movie buff, and Before Sunrise by Richard Linklater is her favorite film. Madelyn is excited to work with each student and help in improving your writing skills.

Specialties: APA Style, History, Fiction Writing, MLA Style, Art/Art History, Linguistics

Paula Parmer Smith (she/her)

Paula enjoys helping others and is new to JSU. She grew up in a small town in Randolph County and obtained a master's degree from Auburn University. After college, she home educated her children for nineteen years and loves learning. This love of learning inspired her to become a graduate student in Integrated Studies (English & History). She taught grammar and literature for a home education cooperative and was a substitute instructor in English for a semester at a local private school. In her free time, she enjoys painting, genealogy research, and reading historical fiction and British literature.

Specialties: AMA Style, Personal Statements, History, Science Writing, MLA Style, Professional/Techincal Writing

Ja'Toiya Patten (she/her)

Ja'Toiya Patten is a first-year clinical mental health graduate student. She has been writing for various on line programs for ten years. Ja'Toiya is proficient in APA and M LA style for writing.

Specialties: APA Style, AMA Style, Literary Analysis, Gender/Race Studies, Poetry Writing, ESL. Tutoring, History, Fiction Writing, Science Writing, MLA Style, Professional/Technical Writing.

Madalyn Stott

Madalyn Stott (she/her)

Madalyn is an undergraduate social work student. She is passionate about the social sciences and loves all things APA!

Specialties: APA style, literary analysis, political science, professional/technical writing, social work, sociology, systematic literature reviews.

Abbie Tarvin

Abbie Tarvin (she/her)

Abbie is a fourth year undergraduate English student. After graduating, she hopes to continue her education by going to a graduate school for a MLIS degree. In her free time, she loves spending time with her friends, going thrifting, and reading romance novels.

Specialties: MLA style, multimodal writing, personal statements, professional/technical writing.

Jordan Walker (she/her)

Jordan is a senior undergrad student majoring in Secondary Education with a concentration in English. She is a native of Gadsden, Alabama, and enjoys reading, working out, and spending time with her boyfriend Ben and his lab, Maggie.

Specialties: MLA style, education in ELA

Drew Watson

Drew Watson (she/her)

Drew is a graduate student majoring in English. She is editor-in-chief of JSU’s literary journal Something Else, and she hopes to instill a tolerance for – if not love of – writing in everyone she works with.

Specialties: MLA style, literary analysis, fiction writing, nonfiction writing, grant writing.

Claudia Williams (she/her)

Claudia is a biology major from Fayetteville, Georgia. She is passionate about combining her interests and is excited to work with students on a variety of writing projects.

Specialties: APA Style, Chicago Style, Philosophy, History, Political Science, Science Writing, MLA Style, Art/Art History, Science Writing