Disposition Procedure for the Department of Secondary Education

Candidates for admission to the Department of Secondary Education in the College of Education and Professional Studies will be given a copy of the disposition form at the interview for admission. The candidate will sign a document stating they have received a copy and understand the requirements of the Department of Secondary Education. This document will be filed in the advisor's office.

Dispositions may be addressed during the semester if the need to do so should arise. Faculty may provide feedback based on an informal disposition assessment prior to submitting a formal assessment of a disposition. The disposition form will be made available to students through the Canvas and/or LiveText portal so they have access to the form any time. The documented dispositions will be collected from both College of Education and Professional Studies and the College of Arts and Humanities. The process for addressing unacceptable dispositions will be as follows:

  • 1st level - Conference will be scheduled by the faculty member with the student.
  • 2nd level - Conference will be scheduled for the student and a faculty committee.
  • 3rd level - Meeting with the department head will be scheduled.
  • 4th level - May result in a referral to the Disciplinary Action Committee for the College of Education and Professional Studies or other disciplinary/corrective measures taken.

Any Disposition Conference Counts Toward the Process Above

In determining when dispositions should be given, the following will be adhered to by the department:

Receiving a 1 in any area of the disposition form is not acceptable. This will result in an immediate disposition form being completed. Faculty may conference with a student regarding an unacceptable disposition prior to completing a form to eliminate the unacceptable disposition. However, when no attempt is made to correct the problem, a disposition form should be completed immediately and a conference scheduled with the student. When the conference is scheduled and the student does not attend, the disposition goes forward. The student will be required to sign the disposition form whether they agree or disagree with it.

A student may receive a disposition conference during the course and improve on unacceptable behavior. However, the form will continue to count in the process. This will avoid students exhibiting poor dispositions and correcting them every class and every semester.

The process and form will be made available to all College of Arts and Humanities and College of Business and Industry faculty. Any dispositions received from non-educational faculty after the student is admitted to the teacher education program will be counted in the process as outlined above.

Secondary Education Disposition Form