Phi Delta Kappa

Phi Delta Kappa International Chapter #0211 is a diverse group of professional educators.  The membership of this local chapter includes teachers, preservice teachers, administrators, counselors, community college and university administrators, specialists, literacy program advocates, and professors/instructors.  The chapter has been recognized as a worldwide leader in new and retained memberships and support of the PDK Educational Foundation. PDK members are involved with public school students at all levels of their academic studies. PDK International has over 600 chapters and tens-of-thousands of members worldwide. 

Thank you for your contribution to a scholarship for a high school senior going into the education profession or the Zuelke Award for service that goes also to a high school senior. Contributions to this chapter are tax exempt. The taxpayer identification number is 35-0975844. 

Research, Service, and Leadership

The purpose of Phi Delta Kappa shall be to promote quality education, with particular emphasis on publicly supported education, as essential to the development and maintenance of a democratic way of life. This purpose shall be through the genuine acceptance, continuing interpretation, and appropriate implementation of the ideal of high-quality leadership through research, teaching, and other professional services concerned with and directed to the improvement of education, especially of publicly supported and universally available education.

- From the Constitution of Phi Delta Kappa International