Child Development Center at JSU


The Center supports the instructional goals of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences and provides students and faculty opportunities for study and research related to the child. Our purpose is twofold: to provide students enrolled in University courses opportunities to work with children in the pre-school setting, and to provide children enrolled in the Center an environment that promotes optimum development.


Each child is unique and develops at their own rate. We have designed a program that will promote social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and creative development. Some of the basic goals we expect to assist the child in reaching include developing independence, self control, social skills, large and small motor skills, mental functioning (associations, reasoning, etc.) and self confidence.

Learning is one of our main objectives, and we believe that three-and four-year old children learn primarily through play. It is with this in mind that the curriculum and resulting activities for each day are planned.


Parents may file applications anytime during the year. Application forms may be obtained at the link below. Re-application for children currently attending the Center is not necessary.

Factors taken into consideration in the selection process include age, gender, date of application, and previous enrollment or that of a sibling. Preference is given to children whose parents are students or faculty members.


The Center is open from 7:15 a.m. until Noon, Monday through Friday when JSU classes are in session during Fall, Spring, and Summer I semesters. The Center will close on the last day of classes for each semester. The Center observes University holidays and will close whenever the University is closed due to weather, and at other times when it may be necessary for the safety of the children.

The Director of the Center retains the right to withdraw any child from the Program if it becomes apparent that the Program cannot meet the needs of the child, or if the child can no longer fit into the Program.

Application Packet Letter