How to Use the Training Modules

You are to view all of the training modules.  Stop and complete each activity as you go through the training PowerPoints. NOTE: In order to view the videos that are linked in the PowerPoint presentations, you will have to have the PowerPoint in slide show mode. Otherwise, the links will not take you to the videos you are to view.

The Co-Teaching Handbook is available to you via download.  This will assist you as you progress through the training for this initiative. 

There are 10 separate PowerPoint presentations to assist you in this process:

  • Data from Co-Teaching
  • Introduction to Co-Teaching
  • One Teach, One Observe
  • One Teach, One Assist
  • Parallel Teaching
  • Station Teaching
  • Supplemental Teaching
  • Alternative (Differentiated) Teaching
  • Team Teaching
  • Conclusion

There are videos attached to some of the PowerPoint presentations to further assist you in your understanding of co-teaching.  Please watch the one that best describes your teaching responsibility.  Some of the videos are intended for everyone to view.  You will be asked to critique these as part of the evaluation for the completion of the module. 

When you have completed viewing all PowerPoint presentations for the training modules, there is a training assessment.  You must complete this assessment if you are only completing the online training.  When you submit, it will be automatically sent to the Office of Clinical Experiences to show you have completed the training module.  You must complete the training module in order to host a teacher candidate in your classroom

If you encounter problems with this training module, please contact Mrs. Ronda Ray at or 256.782.5854.