Curriculum and Instruction

STEAM workshop

Are you looking for undergraduate teacher education programs?

Curriculum and Instruction offers two undergraduate degree programs. Both programs feature cohesive pathways that focus on content and theory appropriate to the teaching settings. Teacher candidates learn to integrate technology and instructional techniques that actively engage diverse learners. Clinical experiences are supported by the JSU Co-Teaching work, giving teacher candidates rich experiences from the beginning to the ending of their learning journey. Both programs feature an innovative workshop model that offers teacher candidates rich experiences across the curriculum. 

  • Early Childhood/Elementary Education (ECP)
    • The ECP Program supports the JSU learning-centered mission through the development of highly qualified teachers who are well-prepared to instruct a diverse student population through the development of 21st Century knowledge, skills, and dispositions. 
    • Successful completion of the ECP Program qualifies teacher candidates for certification in Early Childhood Education (PK-3) and Elementary Education (K-6). 
    • Specialized training with Alabama Reading Initiative (ARI) and Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative (AMSTI). 
  • Special Education Collaborative K-6 & 6-12 Program (SCD)
    • The SCD Program supports the JSU learning-centered mission through development of culturally sensitive collaborative teachers who develop and implement instruction differentiated for the needs of each learner. 
    • Collaborative strategies combined with differentiated instruction and positive behavioral support.
    • Specialty courses include Assistive Technology, Methods in Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Diversity. 
    • Successful completion of the SCD Program qualifies teacher candidates for certification in Collaborative Special Education in K-6 and 6-12, Mild and Severe Settings. 

Are you interested in teacher education programs for alternative certification through a fifth-year Master’s degree? Curriculum and Instruction offers three alternative paths to initial teacher certification. The EED, ECE, and SCD Alt-A Master's programs are offered in a blended format. Teacher candidates in the Alt-A program There are some courses on campus in a face-to-face setting, some online course offerings, and clinical experiences in the P-12 special education setting. 

Already certified but want to add a Master's degree?
We offer five traditional Master’s degrees, all online: