Film Major

Instructor Jeffrey Nichols films with students on the green screen at Longleaf Studios

Our Film major blends rigorous coursework with experience working on film productions to prepare for careers in film and related areas. Core classes in production, camera, theory, and the history of film combine with electives that allow you to pursue your chosen career path. 

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The Bachelor of Arts in Film requires 120 hours. In addition to the university core and courses for your minor film students take:

 31 hours of Film Core courses:

  • Introduction to Film
  • Film Technology Foundations
  • Digital Literacy for Artists and Designers
  • Stagecrafts
  • Introduction to Photography
  • The Art of the Film
  • Camera and Film Techniques
  • Film Theory
  • Internship in Film
  • Film Capstone

15 hours of Electives in Film

Possible courses to choose include

  • Playwriting and Screenwriting
  • Editing for Film,
  • Techniques of High Definition Cinematography 
students working on the Longleaf Studios green screen

Facilities & Equipment

Many courses will be held at Longleaf Studios, a soundstage which includes a large greenscreen as well as a complement of professional equipment.  This will allow you to work with professional grade cameras as well as lighting and sound equipment.

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