Production Concentration

As part of the Bachelor of Arts in Drama, students may choose a concentration in Production. Our students have the opportunity to specialize in costuming, lighting, scenic, stage management, sound or may choose a more general path.  We provide opportunities for main stage designs and major technical assignments throughout the academic year.


In addition to the university core classes, Production students take:

Core Drama Classes (24 hours)

DR 241 Acting (3)
DR 242 Introduction to the Theatre (3)
DR 284 Stage Crafts (3)
DR 280 Play Analysis (3)
DR 250 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 250 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 349 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 349 Theatre Practicum (1)
DR 361 Theatre History (3)
DR 362 Theatre History (3)
DR 490 Senior Practicum (2)

Production Required (3 hours)

DR 285 Elements of Design

A costume draping project in progress
1/2 Scale draping project from DR 498 Costume Techniques

Production Electives (9 Hours)

DR 371 Scenic Design
DR 377 Costume Design
DR 385 Stage Carpentry
DR 386 Stage Lighting
DDR 387 Stage Make-up
DR 389 Sound Design
DR 398 Costume Techniques
DR 388 Costume History
DR 391 Scene Painting
DR 440 Theatrical Drafting
DR 470 Computer Aided Rendering
DR 480 Special Topics in Design/Technology

9 Hours of Drama Electives

These electives may consist of any Drama course.

Students on stage in Ballyhoo
"The Last Night of Ballyhoo" costume design by student Kim Stark and Lighting design by student Alexandra Hooper.