(Improving Physics And Chemistry Teaching in Secondary Education)
March 2005--June 2006
Funded by the Alabama Commission on Higher Education
No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)

Project Director:   Dr. Nouredine Zettili

Department of Physical and Earth Sciences
Jacksonville State University
700 Pelham Road North
Jacksonville, AL 36265 USA

E-mail:        Phone:   (256) 782-8077        Fax:  (256) 782-5636

Group Photo of the participants at the 2005 Summer Professional Institute (June 06--17, 2005)
Another group photo
Another group photo

Summer Professional Institute (June 06--17, 2005):

  • Pictures taken during the 2005 Summer Institute:

    Visits to High Schools (Fall 2005--Spring 2006):

  • Pictures taken during the visits to some High Schools:

    Chemistry and Physics Hotlines (Fall 2005--Spring 2006):
    IMPACTSEED High school teachers: You are encouraged to contact the following IMPACTSEED faculty should you have any question pertaining to chemistry and/or physics:

  • Dr. Alfred Nichols(Chemistry): Phone: 256-782-8150, emails:
  • Dr. Laura Weinkauf (Physics): Phone: 256-782-5743, email:
  • Dr. Nouredine Zettili (Physics): Phone: 256-782-8077, email:

  • Technology Workshops (Fall 2005--Spring 2006):
    The Technology Workshops took place on Saturdays in Room 217 Martin Hall from 8:30AM--3:30PM.

  • First Workshop: Saturday October 01, 2005      View the pictures pertaining to the first workshop
  • Second Workshop: Saturday November 05, 2005      View the pictures pertaining to the second workshop
  • Third Workshop: Saturday January 21, 2006      View the pictures pertaining to the third workshop
  • Fourth Workshop: Saturday February 11, 2006      View the pictures pertaining to the fourth workshop
  • Fifth Workshop: Saturday March 04, 2006      View the pictures pertaining to the fifth workshop

  • On-Site Support: Offered during Fall 2005--Spring 2006

    To schedule an on-site visit by a chemistry or physics professor, please contact Dr. N. Zettili (project director): Phone: 256-782-8077, email:

    IMPACTSEED in the news
    Newspaper articles published about IMPACTSEED:         

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  • Names of IMPACTSEED 3 Teachers, their email addresses and school names:

  • List of IMPACTSEED high school teachers, their emails, and the schools they are affiliated with: Click here

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