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Applied chemistry is the discipline that relies on the processes of pure chemistry to solve problems of the different areas. In recent times, this discipline has gained special relevance in the areas of chemical technology, engineering and pharmacy. Other fields of study include organic synthesis, surfactants, formulation of pesticides, catalysts, interfaces and sleep chemistry. For its part, pure chemistry is the science that deals with the organic and inorganic matter of the universe and the changes that this matter undergoes. It is often called the central science.

Potential Careers

Applied chemistry is the foundations for so many fields it is difficult to list them all. A few of potentially associated fields are agro-chemicals for the agricultural and agribusiness fields, Biochemistry, considering chemical reactions that occur within living organisms, Chemical Engineering, involving the practical application of chemistry to solve problems, Combinatorial Chemistry, the computer simulation of molecules and reactions between molecules, Electrochemistry, a branch of chemistry that involves the study of chemical reactions in a solution at the interface between an ionic conductor and an electric conductor, Environmental Chemistry, It is associated with the study of soil, air, water and human impact on natural systems, Chemistry of food, an association with the chemical processes of all aspects of food, Geochemistry, the study of the chemical composition and chemical processes associated with the Earth and other planets, Green or green chemistry, designing chemicals and processes that can reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances, Medical Chemistry, focusing on the process of synthesizing new pharmaceuticals and improving the manufacturing processes of existing products.

Median Annual Salary

Salaries range from the mid $50,000 to the six figure salaries.

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Additional Facts

Applied chemistry is the broadest field and can be the gateway to many lucrative professions. With a foundation in applied chemistry a student can choose many directions in which to study or work.