Daniel McGowin

Assistant Professor of Geography
207B Martin Hall

Dr. McGowin did not start off being a geographer. But a couple of geography classes and a fear of taking Russian for three years changed his mind! His love for geography comes from the fact that you can study the geography of anything; as he likes to say, "geography is to space what history is to time." As proof of this, Dr. McGowin conducted and presented research on the geography of the Wu-Tang Clan, front porch space in the film Friday, the social construction of college football conferences, ghost stories and haunted places, the spatial patterns of license plates, and landscape memorialization in Taiwan. He has also published work on Taiwanese elections, Bible Belt voting patterns, and the historical geography of neutral site college football games. His research interests are on sports geography, cultural geography, and political geography, with regional interests in East Asia [Japan and Taiwan] and the U.S. South.

As a faculty member, Dr. McGowin has taught at Alabama State, Auburn, and JSU. Additionally, he taught English and Social Studies at the middle school and high school levels while living in Taiwan...coz he's awesome like that!

Daniel McGowin

Courses Taught

  • GY 120 - World Regional Geography
  • GY 208 - Map Reading
  • GY 220 - Human Geography
  • GY 250 - Physical Geography I: Atmospheric Patterns & Processes
  • GY 253 - Physical Geography II lab
  • GY 307 - Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • GY 320 - Political Geography
  • GY 341 - Economic Geography
  • GY 351 - Geography of East Asia [Advanced Regional Study]
  • GY 351 - Geography of Europe [Advanced Regional Study]
  • GY 366 - Sports Geography
  • GY 466 - Popular Culture and Geography [Topics in Human Geography]
  • GY 466 - International Travel & Tourism [Topics in Human Geography]
  • GY 466 - Health and Medical Geography [Topics in Human Geography]
  • GIS 420 - Web-based GIS
  • GIS 456 - Spatial Data, Layout, and Design
  • GIS 570 - Spatial Databases [Advanced Topics in GIS]


  • Ph.D. in Geography from The Florida State University in 2011
  • M.S. in Geography from University of Alabama in 2006
  • B.A. in Geography with International Relations minor from University of Alabama in 2002
  • GIS Postbaccalaureate Certification from the Pennsylvania State University in 2018