JSU's Spring 2022 Plan for Operations

This plan serves as an interim policy and includes directives for Spring 2022. Compliance is required with these terms and updates published at http://jsu.edu/coronavirus/index.html. Failure to comply may result in disciplinary action and/or removal from campus.

JSU’s Spring 2022 Plan for Operations

  • Class delivery and absence guidelines will return to pre-pandemic expectations.
  • Pursuant to state law, JSU will not mandate the COVID-19 vaccine as a condition of attendance, but vaccination is strongly encouraged. Members of the campus community remain subject to public health guidance.
  • JSU will offer the vaccines at no cost through the RMC/JSU Health Center.
  • Faculty teaching in-person classes are not required to provide online accommodations or options due to COVID-19 necessary quarantine or isolation absences. Missing up to two weeks of class can have a major impact on academic experiences and potentially affect grades. Students should remain in contact with their faculty when absences must occur.


  • Voluntary COVID-19 testing remains readily available at the RMC/JSU Health Center.
  • Athletic teams will follow NCAA, conference, and host site requirements.


  • "Effective November 29, 2021, masks are to be worn in the classroom at the discretion of the responsible faculty or staff member, at all times within the RMC/JSU Health Center, on campus-sanctioned transportation, and when preparing/serving food."

Exposure Notification, Quarantine, and Isolation

  • All faculty, staff, and students must report positive COVID-19 tests to the JSU COVID-19 Task Force through the self-reporting form, follow provided directions and participate in exposure notification processes.
  • All campus contractors should report positive COVID-19 tests to their supervisor, who will provide a link to a Covid Reporting Form, connecting them to our campus Covid-19 contact tracers, resources, and processes. 
  • The university will continue to follow existing protocols for isolation and quarantine of faculty, staff, and students.


  • Events are returning to pre-pandemic rules. Participants should note attendance will increase risks, especially for those who cannot or choose not to be vaccinated.


  • All members of the campus community (faculty, staff, and students) and all visitors must adhere to health and safety guidelines, including any directives issued to individual community members by public health professionals and/or the COVID-19 Task Force. Violators may be referred to student conduct, HR, and/or other appropriate offices or processes.

Travel Restrictions

  • JSU-sponsored domestic travel is allowable, per JSU travel policies and with supervisory approval.
  • International Travel- Updated 10/29/21- The university has lifted its ban on international travel. For guidelines on international travel, please refer to the University's Travel Policy.

Campus Dining and Transportation

  • Campus dining operations have returned to normal.
  • The jsuRIDE transportation system will operate at normal capacity.

The top priority of the university in all decisions is the health, safety, and well-being of the campus community. As scientific knowledge of COVID-19, as well as the virus itself continues to evolve, government and public health officials will issue new orders and guidance. The university will update procedures and plans as needed and follow all state and federal orders to ensure the safest possible on-campus environment.