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Welcome to our Online Training Center.

Now, more than ever, Alabama needs a skilled workforce to grow and prosper. With technology changing and evolving faster than ever, many businesses find themselves lacking the skills required to keep pace. At NECC, we are committed to ensuring that our members have access to the educational tools needed for today and tomorrow.

In partnership with Jacksonville State University, our goal is to offer high-impact courses that provide immediate transfer of acquired knowledge into the workplace. If you have a suggestion, please let us know. Thanks for visiting - we hope to see you soon!

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Upcoming Chamber Classes

Coming Soon - High-impact business topics taught by expert instructors, and we'll be hosting them here at the Chamber! Setup of our Registration Center is currently underway. Invitations will be sent by email once we are accepting registrations.
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We'd like to hear from you. If you have an idea for a course, you would like to see us offer - drop it in the box.
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Online Courses

Whether you want to learn something new or get better at something you already do, our online courses will let you attain your learning goals without putting life on hold. Many are available self-paced. And, for our members and their employees, we've discounted them 20%. Catalog and Registration

If you have a packed work schedule or limited free time, online learning may be your best choice. Probably the most significant advantage is that it can be made to fit almost any schedule. Most online courses follow a weekly format where you are expected to complete specific tasks and assignments before the end of the week. Others are available on-demand and let you to set the pace entirely. In short, online learning adapts to your schedule by allowing you to complete your work anytime, anywhere, while still having time to fulfill your other commitments. Plus, there's never a problem finding a parking space!
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Private Corporate Training

Employee training can effectively add years of experience to someone’s skill set, benefiting both team members and business owners alike. Making the most of internal talent is not only a smart business strategy; it can save tons on costs incurred due to turnover. Employees gain confidence by becoming better at their jobs. They feel more valued based on their employer's investment. And companies end up with skilled employees who want to stay where they are. It’s truly a win-win scenario. REQUEST MORE INFORMATION