EPP on Campus Registration

  1. You will be in testing for the entire time listed on the registration form. If you cannot attend for the entire 4 hour period, please do not register for that date. Students who leave before the end of a testing period will have their answer document voided and will be required to complete all sections of the test at a later test date.
  2. Students are allowed to reschedule one time during a semester.
  3. Students will be notified by email if their registration is denied.
  4. Students should print their admittance verification and bring it along with their student id the day of the test. If you have misplaced your verification form or have difficulties printing your verification form, you can be admitted only if you are on the roster and have a valid student id.
  5. Students must register for test dates that are still open, If you show up on a test date you have not registered for you will not be on the roster. If you are not on the exam roster you will not be admitted into the testing room.  
  6. Students should plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to the exam start time. You may not be admitted if you are late to your testing session.
  7. Graduating seniors who have not registered or taken the CBASE before all testing dates are closed will be assessed a $50.00 administration fee before taking the CBASE on an assigned makeup date.
  8. A student must be a Senior (90 semester hours completed) to be eligible to take the CBASE.
  9. If you have any further questions, please call Counseling Services at (256) 782-5475.