JSU Connect

Follow these instructions and sign up today to receive phone or text notifications from JSU!

  • Log on to MyJSU (http://my.jsu.edu/).
  • Look under Students Links (far left column).
  • Click on Contact Information.
  • Look for Mailing Address.
  • Under Mailing Address Phones, click on Primary.
  • Look for Primary Phone Number For This Address.
  • Enter the number at which you wish to receive phone calls regarding personalized notifications from JSU. This number can be a cell phone number, home number or parent's number.
  • To receive text messages: Under Phone Type, select Cell Phone from the drop down menu.
  • Enter the phone number at which you would like to receive text messages. **To receive text messages, the cell phone must be SMS-enabled. JSU does not charge you to receive text messages, but standard messaging rates from your carrier may apply. 
    Optional: You may also enter a second cell phone number if you wish to receive text messages at another number (i.e. a parent's number).
  • Click Submit