Chris Marker

Instructor, Applied Engineering
161 Ayers Hall

Chris Marker graduated from Jacksonville State University's Department of Technology (now Applied Engineering) Magna Cum Laude with Special Honors in Electronics Technology in 1996.  He completed the Masters in Manufacturing Systems Technology in 2015 from the Department of Applied Engineering. 

Mr. Marker has 25 years of experience in various fields of engineering including:   

  • microwave system design   
  • high power induction heating design   
  • large industrial/automotive equipment design   
  • automotive race design: off road race trucks, rock crawler and motorcycles   
  • robotic laser workcell design 
Chris Marker

Courses Taught

  • AE201 Microcomputer Introduction and Techniques
  • AE210 Machining/Manufacturing Processes
  • AE351 Computer Aided Design II
  • AE355 Introduction to Solid Modeling

Other Responsibilities

Mr. Marker also serves to advise and assist students.