Bridge the Gap Campaign

Greetings, Fellow Gamecocks! 

Bridge the GapJSU still needs your help to keep our students enrolled during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

As many of you did when you were a student, most of our students at Jacksonville State University work to pay for college.

Whether it’s one part-time job, several part-time jobs, or a full-time job, our students work tirelessly to be able to pay for their education – all while also taking time to study and keep their grades up.

Due to this pandemic, many of their jobs have been eliminated.

In addition to this, many families who previously could offer some support for these students are suffering their own hardships due to the loss of jobs by one or both parents. 

To assist these students in the coming months, Jacksonville State University has implemented a “Bridge the GAP” initiative. This initiative aims to fill the financial gap for our current and future students by providing additional donated funds to students struggling with financial hardship. Our goal is to help them continue and complete their JSU education. With a successful GAP initiative, we could assist hundreds of students.

We know that some of you too are experiencing financial hardship during this time and may currently be unable to contribute to this fundraising effort. If your circumstances allow, however, your help can keep our students at JSU. We invite you to join us by participating in the GAP initiative.

You can Donate to Gap Scholarship online or by texting GAPJSU to 71777

Help us support our students, so that they can reach their full potential and be able to have the unforgettable JSU experience that you and I had as students.

Don C. Killingsworth, Jr. Ed.D